Offers from Five World-Renowned Universities, this WKUer believes Passion is Power

So far, WKUer Ji Yu has already received offers from five first-class universities: University College London (UCL), University of Hong Kong, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Manchester and the University of Warwick.

Dance lover, big fan of boy group, sweet tooth … this girl seems to be similar to other girls in her age. When being asked the secret of winning recognition by these schools, she thought for a moment and attributed it to one word “passion”. Indeed, this word runs through her entire student life.

She has served as the Chairman of Wenzhou Students Federation (part-time job in municipal government), the deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee, an outstanding member of Wenzhou Youth League, and an advanced individual of Wenzhou “New Youth in the Countryside”. She published academic papers at the Hong Kong SIBR conference, won two Zhejiang government scholarships, won Dean’s first, second, and third prize scholarships, and two public service and leadership scholarships. These are all distinctive tags on her, but she refuses to use these tags to represent her.

“I decided to take part in these organizations, or events due to my passion on them, without expecting the fame or glory that might bring. I am the kind of person who enjoys group activities, and I really love the process that everyone works together to reach a goal. Although there will be setbacks stumbling for sure, we will be mature eventually. I enjoy it very much. ”


Speaking of the experience that left her deepest impression, she believes it was joining the Youth League when studying at WKU. From an ordinary member to the Head of Youth League, she has learnt a lot during this period. And those friends she works with are just great, besides, the university platform enables most of their ideas to be put into practice.

Former Head Chen Fengjiao wins her high respect. Chen is considerate and rather calm when facing problems, even in difficulties. This kind of quality left her impression and has affected her deeply. During vacation, she participated in the competition project hosted in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. After returning to school, she brought the idea from the project to the Youth League Committee building-up and successfully managed a unique group tour. She then actively contacted other departments, trying to promote the project at the university level. In the meanwhile, the role of chairman of the ACSF enables her the possibility to promote this project to municipal level.

“Although the whole process involved numerous trivial work, it was great to see that my ideas might land,” She noted.


In addition to school work, Ji Yu cherished every chance she could seize. She studies finance at school and successfully got internship in a bank in Hangzhou and afterwards a security company with her professional advantages. On a vocation, she traveled to Bali Island, becoming a volunteer teacher. Later, she started an internship in Hangzhou Radio and Television driven by her passion of the media industry. During that period, she had talked with Fang Ming, the Director of the Broadcasting Department of the Central People’s Broadcasting Station. Although she is not sure whether those celebrities could even remember her name, those inspiring moments encouraged the young soul to move forward. She always believed the importance of learning from others as one can inherit the wisdom and experience from others and thus grow up quickly.

When asked why she stood out so many times?,she responded with a big smile, “I did not feel that way, and I had never seriously considered this issue.” In fact, she is not that confident deep inside.

This lack of self-confidence may have something to do with family education. Her parents have always been very concerned about her education, especially her mother, who has been very strict with her since childhood. Like many children, she has been asked to learn piano, calligraphy, erhu and attend other interest classes since childhood. “Getting used to her high expectation, I have never dared to slack off.”

“But looking back now, I can understand the intention of my mom. She mentioned one thing she is proud of, “I am very grateful that every summer, my family organizes family outings, and the steps have covered almost all over China and Southeast Asia. This has given me a more international perspective and the courage to embrace possibilities.” Speaking of her upcoming trip to England, she couldn’t hide her expectation, “I am going to study in England soon and I am very excited to explore Europe on my own.”



Regarding why she chooses Wenzhou-Kean, Ji Yu also has her own insights. “WKU, as a Chinese-American jointly established higher education institution offers an international perspective. The hardware and facilities are excellent, and the faculty are recruited globally. It sounds just attractive for those who want new experience, like me.”

But she also mentioned some regrets. In her college, she met many wonderful teachers, those who has played significant roles in each stage, but she has not yet had the opportunity to say thanks. “Before graduating, I must visit them again.” She mentioned.

Talking about the upcoming new journey, Ji Yu’s tone revealed her expectations. “My first option now is the Management of UCL. But I will not be bonded by a management position as soon as I graduate, since it feels like the tower in the sky, which is not solid, and I will let myself go to various directions before. In my eyes, managing a company is like distributing a big cake. We can only divide the cake fairly if we have our own insights about each piece of cake.”

For the future, this passionate girl still has many wild ideas waiting for her to explore.