“Our First Experience of Chinese Traditional Garment, Hanfu”

On November 16th, professors and students from Wenzhou-Kean University first experienced Chinese traditional clothing, Hanfu. The activity organized by the Overseas Department from Students Media and Design Center (SMDC) and FREE House Chinese Culture Club aims to deepen the understanding of traditional Chinese culture and enrich the life of foreign faculty.



With delicate clothing and make-up, professors experienced the pitch-pot (a conventional Chinese game prevails in Tang Dynasty), riddles, Chinese Calligraphy, traditional tea ceremony, etc. Students also introduced the history and culture, leading professors to appreciate Chinese traditional culture from diverse aspects. Professor Kaur Amrita encouraged students to wear them more often, on the wedding ceremony and other big traditional festivals to pass on the culture.



Most of the activities require one’s tranquility. With the immersive experience, time gradually slowed down on this lovely autumn day. “Life pace nowadays is too fast, we need to slow down, sometimes, to enjoy our life”, said Ms. Kaur Nikki.



“We are looking for some cultural exchanges between China and other countries,” said Ms. Qin Jiaqi, head of the Overseas Department from SMDC and one of the organizers of this activity, “it’s a great opportunity to convey the essence of our ancient culture. We are delighted to see that everyone enjoyed themselves in this activity.”



Hanfu is the traditional Chinese garment for the Han ethnic group, and the styles are varying from different dynasties. As a rejuvenated trend of fashion, many elements from Hanfu merge into modern clothes. Hopefully, more and more people at home and abroad can fall in love with this gorgeous stylish clothes.


Writer: Shenlan Lou

Proofreader:Alisa LAI