Wiley Online Quiz – Rewards Available for Participants

Wiley offers rewards for the online quiz competition for all WKU students. All WKUers are welcomed to take part in this quiz and you will have good chances to win prizes.


From now on to December 31, 2020


 Participants should answer 14 questions. The system will calculate your score based on your correct answers and completion time of the quiz. The winners will be selected for three prizes.


    • First Prize x 1: Morphy portable blender.

    • Second Prize x 3: HUAWEI mini bluetooth speaker.

    • Third Prize x 6: Mi desk lamp lite

Plus, the first 50 participants will receive Dettol hand sanitizer.

How to participate:

You can scan the QR code with your cell phone or click the link below on the computer:


WKU Library will announce the list of winners on the WKU Library’s website and WeChat channel when the competition is closed. WKU Library will also notify individual winners and participants to pick up the rewards.

Now what you are waiting for?Show your knowledge and research skills to us!


Content | CHEN Mengjing

Review | YANG Le



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