Broadcast class with Kean USA kicks off on WKU campus

On the morning of December 2nd, Academic Vice Chancellor Dr. Yang Yixin serving as an anchor, together with prof. Kong Xurong of History and Prof. Marshall Hayes of STEM College shared the WKU’s landscape, University’s expansion scheme and introduced the epidemic prevention, China’s anti-epidemic experience with its American counterpart in a form of broadcasting, which wins the appreciation and compliments of the Kean USA.

Participants in Kean USA include Kean University President Lamont O. Repollet, Ed.D., Senior Vice President Felice Vazquez, Academic Vice President Sue Bousquet, Dean of Business college Dr. Jin Wang , Dean of science and technology college Dr. George Chang, Dean Jonathan Mercantini, School of liberal arts and some students.

Against the first ray of sunshine in the morning, Dr. Yang started from the front gate and introduced meticulously the main buildings including University canteen, teaching building, business school, and Chen Tianlong Art Museum in turn. In particular, he mentioned the Ge Hekai Building, which will be completed in mid-December. This magnificent construction will complete the overall layout of Wenzhou-Kean University.


Taking a panoramic view of the overall layout of the WKU campus, it not only integrates Chinese and Western cultures, but also emphasizes diversity and inclusiveness. Each building presents its own unique characteristics, combined with the features of Chinese landscapes, and strives for a harmonious and unified picture.Standing in the University history showcasing hall, Dr. Yang introduced WKU’s breakthroughs in recent years. The construction of the new science and technology, student activity center and new stadium have been put on the agenda, which will bolster the longer-term development of the University in the near future.

Meanwhile, Dr. Yang also took the chance to participate in the class of Architecture & Design and the class of Business College. When catching the scene of the class, which was filled with spirits uplifting students, Prof. Xurong Kong couldn’t help but exclaimed, “At this moment, your class is full of students. It’s amazing!”

Later, student Tu Leiming, who was an exchange student in Kean USA last year, as a friendly messenger of exchanges between the two cooperative universities, gave an impressive introduction of WKU’s new dormitory and public space in fluent English.

It is worth mentioning that Vice Chancellor Dr. Yang and classmates Tu Leiming elaborated China’s anti-epidemic practices and experience raging from the flow chart of emergency response to the COVID-19 at the school gate to the mandatory epidemic prevention procedures before entering China, which demonstrate the China’s anti-epidemic determination and endeavors.

In the QA session, further discussions on topics such as campus epidemic prevention, China’s anti-epidemic practices, and the differences and similarities between China and the United States responding to the pandemic were conducted. Dr. Yang believes that China’s current anti-epidemic results have benefited from the concerted efforts of the government, communities, and the general public and culture is a key factor leading to different situations.

As Prof. Lydia Kaplan claimed, “there is no species at this particular period. Virus will not respect national boundary or diverse races, cultures and regions. We should meet the challenges head-on to tide over the most trying times together.” Last, Prof. Elizabeth Hyde called upon to mull over the experience of this epidemic and thanked the efforts of WKU to make this event possible.

This broadcast leveraging the power of technology demonstrates the mutual-connected and mutually concerned between the two cooperative universities in this critical moment of the Pandemic.


Writer: Alisa LAI