The 2021 Humanities and Social Science General Program sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China 

I Categories & Funding  

1.1 General Program, up to 100,000 yuan 

1.2 Young Scientist Program, up to 80,000 yuan; 

1.3 Self-financing Program, up to 80,000 yuan; only by the money that an applicant himself/herself produces: 

1.4 Special Task Program, including research projects on the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics and research projects special for college counselors. 

II Requirements   

1. Application limit in general   

1.1 For applicants who have (associate) senior professional title , she/he can apply for General Program; 

1.2 For applicants who have PhD degree or academic title of middle rank or above, she/he can apply for the Young Scientist Program (born after January 1, 1981); 

1.3 For applicants who will apply for Self-financing Program, she/he must complete the online application form with fund supporting materials provided by the Office of Financial Service. Please fill in the “Other Source Funds” column in the online application form. 

1.4 For applicants, as the principal investigators, who will apply for the 2021 National Social Science Program, she/he cannot apply for the 2021 Humanities and Social Science General Program as a PI.   

2. Application   

Online application. Please create an account via and submit the application online. For applicants who are non-Chinese, she/he shall fill out the application form template  (attachment 1 & 2) in Chinese and send the soft copy to the ORSP. For any technical problem when filling out the form, please feel free to contact ZHU Xiangxiang Thank you.

教育部2021年规划、青年及自筹经费项目申请评审书 General Program/Young Scientist Program/Self-financing Program Application

教育部2021年专项任务项目申请评审书 Special Task Program

3. Schedule   

January 29-March 20, 2021. Please complete the online application and inform the ORSP by 4:00 p.m. March 20, 2021. Submission later than the schedule will not be accepted. Thank you!

III Attachment  

 教育部人文社会科学研究项目管理办法 the Regulations on Humanities and Social Science General Program