WKU Library Received Scholarship Applications

WKU Library received twelve applications by the deadline of February 28, 2021 for the WKU Library Scholarship. The Library and the Award Committee appreciate the applicants’ interest in the scholarship program and the well-prepared application packages. Below is the list of applications received. If you submitted an application package and are not on the list below please contact the committee at (library@wku.edu.cn) before March 19, 2021.

Please note that incomplete application packages were not considered. Following the guideline and the policy, the Award Committee will consider academic and scholarly qualifications during the evaluation. The qualifications include:

  • GPA
  • Research activities
  • Academic honors and awards
  • Community engagement and extra curriculum activities

The Award Committee will recommend the awardee to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for final approval.


Library Award Committee

Qian Li qli@kean.edu
Robert Kim Marjerison marjerisonr@wku.edu.cn
Maurizio Vrenna mvrenna@kean.edu
Le Yang (Chair) yangle@wku.edu.cn
Yunqi Zhao yuzhao@kean.edu


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