CLA fun activity– Guess Who?

On March 30th, “GUESS WHO?” organized by College of Liberal Arts was held successfully. This activity led faculty members and students to travel through time and space on campus and meet professors in their childhood.

Before the activity officially started, staff and student assistants from College of Liberal Arts arrived on the scene early to prepare for the event. Every participant will receive a gift for souvenir.

During the activity, teachers and students discussed the cute babies on the whiteboard and were deeply touched by the childhood photos of professors. Participants flipped through professors’ photos on CLA official website and compared their names on the list to guess the correct answers. Everyone was extremely excited. What they cared about was not the prize merely, but the happiness gained through the process. Qiao Yang, a student from Communication major pointed out, what she acquired during this activity was not only joy but also shortening the distance between professors and herself.  Shen Yijun, a student from Mathematics major also said: “This activity makes familiar professors become closer and makes unfamiliar professors familiar.” According to the results of the on-site vote, Professor Kyra Whitehead won “the cutiet baby”, and “the most guessed baby” went to Professor Joseph Poniatowski.

Everyone were so engrossed in the activity that they didn’t even notice that three hours had rushed by. Many students said that they will participate in more activities like this and experience cultures of colleges in their spare time.




Writer: Han Lu

Proofreader: Xiang Bingling, Shang Haoyu