WKU student Wang Pengchao Attended the UNODC Youth Forum

Recently, the 2021 Youth Forum hosted by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) successfully concluded. More than 60 youth representatives from 40 countries attended this forum, one of them, Wang Pengchao, a senior at Wenzhou-Kean University, spoke for China on drug prevention and treatment issues.



As the Chinese representative, Wang Pengchao introduced the forum with China’s endeavor — 627 Project. In this project, a list of drug prevention strategies were rolled out, including Qingjiao Second Classroom, a digital platform with 9,889 registered users. It functions similar to Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) in America, while the drug prevention outcome seems much better, of course, there are multiple reasons, and differentiators like culture and law, the heavy investment and robust actions towards drug issues are another major factor, explained Wang.

In the forum, Wang inspired the attendees by citing a phenomenon that in China some entertainment celebrities who use drugs will not be accepted by public. This view echoes Zhu Lieyu, a deputy to the National People’s Congress, who votes for a law article “once use drugs, lifetime performance ban.” This is zero-tolerated attitude towards the drug issue insisted by authority and he warned that young people, wherever they go, must carry on this attitude and be cautious about drugs.



Questions and suggestions concerning drug prevention were put forward, including examples like how to prevent athletes from taking drugs triggers heated debates. Those questions and advice left Wang a profound impression and deep understanding of the danger of using drugs.

The youth representatives’ participation in such a forum demonstrates young people’s social responsibility to play a part in important global issues.



The annual Youth Forum is launched by the UNODC under the government’s drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation initiative mechanism with the purpose of encouraging young people to contribute to the efforts of drug prevention actions.

The national youth representative selection of 2021 Youth Forum started in August, 2020. Through rounds of online and offline selection, two youth including Wang Pengchao stood out from hundreds of outstanding competitors eventually.


Writer: LOU Shenlan, Alisa LAI

Proofreader: Alisa LAI