Lauching Ceremony of ECHO-ENG, Issue 3


On May 15,

the third issue of ECHO-ENG,

the periodical of the English Department,

 was launched as scheduled on the GEH B2 balcony. Professors and students

from the College of Liberal Arts

 shared the joy on this summer afternoon.




The genre of the third issue of the periodical is

Creative Writing,

with twenty five pieces of work,

including seventeen poems,

seven novels,

and a non-fiction piece.

In this issue,

not only did we include the works of WKU students,

but we also opened a call for submissions

and received nice works from

Duke Kunshan University.


ECHO-ENG is a student-led project.

Students manage the entire process,

from the conception of the idea,

and put out a call for submissions to the review,

revision, layout, and printing of the periodical.

The members of the ECHO-ENG team

spent a lot of time discussing the production of it.

The group also learned from the past two issues,

made adjustments, and finally presented

the third issue of the periodical.




At the launch event,

we had a cake-cutting ceremony.

Professors and students came to the launch party,

talked to each other, read the journal,

and shared the cake on the B2 balcony.

During the hour,

both professors and students got a moment of leisure

at the busy end of the semester.

In the end,

all the participants took a group photo together

to record the birth of

the third issue of ECHO-ENG.





will continue to publish journals in the future.

Whether you are from the English Department or not,

the ECHO-ENG submission channel

will always be open to you!

The members of ECHO-ENG

will keep improving the periodical

to bring you more good works.

Keep attuned


see you at the launch of the fourth issue!



Author | Zhang Wenxuan

Proofreader | Xiang Bingling (Evangeline)