Tea with Professor

The “Tea with Professors” serial event is an informal seminar that serves as a cultural conversation and a supplement to classroom teaching. This type of program is popular among higher education institutions in the United States. A cup of tea or coffee cohesively bridge the professors and students in a casual and meaningful discussion. Professors from different departments can share their own learning and living experiences of being a student at their younger age and provide insightful advice to the students to help them better prepare for study and career development. A short-time gathering can have a lifelong impact on students.

What is good education? What is the legacy of education? With these questions, we successfully held the first “Tea with Professor” serial event. Special thanks to Prof. Qian LI from Psychology Department and our enthusiastic students for their participation!

Prof. Qian LI (Psychology Department) with Her Students
Prof. Qian LI, Library Director Le YANG and Students


Content |  LIAO Qijia

Photo | GU Mengmeng, MA Yilei

Review  |  YANG Le


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