Honors Graduates: Fu Qingyun: Four Years Engaged in Public Welfare Activities Make Her a Persistent and Promising Girl

Major: International Business

Career development after graduation: Zhejiang Zhenjiu Network Technology Co., Ltd.

President of the Young Volunteers Association of the university, Outstanding Contribution Award of the Young Volunteers Association of the university, the Leader of the 2020 China Anti Epidemic Translation Volunteer Group, and 3 consecutive months of support education in English, etc.

“Volunteer” is the keyword in Fu Qingyun’s resume. Indeed, compared with other people’s colorful experiences, Fu admits that her experience is too “monotonous”.

“Other people’s resume did make me flustered, but I chose to calm down and ponder what kind of path I will take.” Under the concept of “finding different directions for different students” at Wenzhou-Kean University, four years of experience finally enlightened Fu on her future career—to serve the public welfare.

As she wanted to be a volunteer, Fu joined the Youth Volunteers Association of the university. For the first time, she independently led a volunteer team to participate in the 2019 World Youth Scientist Summit. In 2020, Fu participated in an online education Assisted program for primary school students in Gansu.

For Fu, the most shocking and unforgettable event is the “Spread Love” program in the context of the COVID‐19.

The Pandemic in 2020 has changed the rhythm of the world.

On March 13, 2020, the first batch of resources and supplies from Zhejiang Province to support Italy arrived in Turin. In this “race” of love, the China Anti Epidemic Translation Volunteer Group, initiated by the Education Foundation and the Youth Volunteers Association of Wenzhou-Kean University, completed the translation of all the documents for the mission. She worked with the staff of the foundation to outline the operation model of the translation team, review and publish tweets, recruit volunteers, and edit the directory. At the same time, she was also responsible for contacting and managing the volunteers in the group.

In the battle against the Pandemic, the China Anti Epidemic Translation Volunteer Group has gathered nearly 3,000 volunteers to provide volunteer translation services in 32 languages for Chinese people, enterprises, chambers of commerce and overseas Chinese.

When speaking about the gains of voluntary public welfare services, Fu said that in addition to giving her a deeper sense of social responsibility, what’s more important is that it has changed her way to see the world. From campus activities to the World Scientist Summit held in Wenzhou, and to the global translation work during the Pandemic, she learned to see the big world with the small things around her as the starting point, and fully integrated the spirit of public welfare into her life.

Only with persistence can we go further.

After four years of studying, she found that the practical learning model was more suitable for her, so she resolutely chose to work directly after graduation. The girl from Jiaxing decided to stay in Wenzhou for employment and accepted the invitation from Zhejiang Zhenjiu Network Technology Co., Ltd. This company is currently the Top 1 company in JD’s POP category.

Fu said, “There are many factors that map me into the person who I am now, and the Youth Volunteers Association accounts most.” It was joining the Youth Volunteers Association that allowed the girl to give full play to her willingness to help others, and it was the experience of volunteering that made her stick to her original aspiration. What’s more, she also got a job loyal to her original intention. Fu, the optimistic and passionate girl, will definitely continue to be herself in the following journey, living up to her original intention and pursuing a bright future.


Alisa LAI(LAI Qiuhong), Overseas Department(SMDC)