Thirty Courses Recognized as Provincial First-rate Courses!

Recently, the Office of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education announced the results of provincial first-rate course recognition in 2020. Thirty courses of our school, including Principles of Accounting I, World Literature, Principles of Biology, Dynamic Graphic Design and Society and I, have been recognized as “Provincial First-rate Offline Courses”!

The provincial online first-rate courses (including international courses) were recognized by the way of “declaration by the school and evaluation by the Provincial Department of Education”, and the selection categories include offline first-rate courses, online and offline first-rate courses (including international courses) and social practice first-rate courses, etc.

According to the requirements, the courses to be evaluated must had been constructed and improved for at least two semesters or teaching cycles, had achieved substantial effect of reform, as well as had distinctive characteristics in similar courses and had good teaching effects.

After being recommended by schools, evaluated, put on record and reviewed by experts, deliberated at the Office Meeting of Head of the Department of Education and publicized online, 2,380 courses in the province were finally recognized as 2020 provincial first-rate courses. Among them, there are 400 online first-rate courses, 1,080 offline first-rate courses, 691 online and offline first-rate courses, 105 social practice first-rate courses, 1 international online first-rate course, 82 international offline first-rate courses, and 21 international online and offline first- rate courses.

This time, Wenzhou-Kean University selected a total of 30 courses to participate in the evaluation, all of which were recognized as “provincial offline first-rate courses”, covering business, literature, science & engineering and national courses.


Translator: XU Sibo, LOU Shenlan, Alisa LAI