MatLab Online Workshop II

Theme: Deep Learning Made Easy with MATLAB

Speaker: Dr. Yueyi Xu, Education Customer Success Engineer at MathWorks China

Time: September 24, 2021,  2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Zoom Meeting ID: 910 6582 7566    (

Target Audience: All are welcome!

Artificial Intelligence is a megatrend that is affecting all industry sectors, from wireless communications, power & energy, medical imaging, to finance and social science. In recent years, we are seeing more and more demands from professors and students hoping to incorporate AI technologies into curricula and research.

MATLAB, with its domain-specific toolboxes and apps, makes it easy for people from all majors to incorporate AI technologies, including machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning into their projects.

This time, we will walk you through the general deep learning workflows using MATLAB with live demonstrations.


  • Introduction to neural networks and Deep Learning
  • Case study: classify hand-written digits using Neural Networks created from scratch
  • Case study: classify ECG Signals using Transfer Learning
  • Interoperability with other frameworks (like Tensorflow and Pytorch)
  • Model deployment and scaling on hardware

For preparation, please install the MATLAB Campus-wide License of WKU via


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