WKU Library is hiring a Museum Coordinator and Subject Specialist

Wenzhou-Kean University Library is an intellectual and educational symbol and repository, the heart of the knowledge available on campus. The digital library era has expanded the university library’s mission: to connect readers and learners with global repositories of knowledge and culture from every corner of the digitally-connected world. While the library building houses a considerable collection of print books, journals, and newspapers, discovering the best or most useful information in the digital universe requires the development of information skill-building in both students and faculty.

Position: Museum Coordinator and Subject Specialist


1. Take the lead as the subject liaison and specialist to the Michael Graves College of Architecture and Design. Actively participate in departmental initiatives and standard operations, such as the provision of reference services, information literacy instruction, and research consultation.

2. Take the lead as the Museum coordinator to plan and implement physical and digital exhibits, events, and programs. Develop strategies to promote the discoverability of artworks and integrate resources into teaching and research at the University.

3. Keep abreast of developments in the art gallery and museum standards and trends, applying new rules, interpretations, and techniques as appropriate. Lead campus workshops and host events to present art-related programs. Develop collaboration and maintain relationships with external partners.

4. Additional job duties as assigned.

Required Qualification:

1. Master’s degree or above. Three years of professional experience.

2. Excellent communication in both oral and written English.

3. Demonstrated commitments to professionalism, work ethics, and coachability.

4. Working or practical knowledge of MS Office, Adobe Suite, and/or related office and design technologies.

Preferred Qualification:

1. Master of Library Science, Information Science, or with related backgrounds of Business, Science, Social Science, and/or Architecture and Design.

2. Successful publications and presentations of research outcomes, or successful exhibit experience.

3. Experience and proficiency with discipline-focus (Architectural study & design) database and scholarly resources.

4. With overseas educational background or abroad working experience.

The application deadline is November 14, 2021.

For application details, please refer to the HR page.



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