The First Meeting With The English Department Executive Director

In the afternoon of November 4, the English Department of the College of Liberal Arts had its first Executive Director Meeting. The meeting was hosted by the new executive director, Dr. David Hogsette. More than 20 English professors and over 150 English students from all years attended this meeting.

The professors enthusiastically introduced their courses and research fields. They also suggested that the students could join their research projects if they were interested. In the following session, Dr. Hogsette advised students to follow the four-year plan of English major to schedule their courses. In addition, Dr. Hogsette introduced the new literature track expected to be added in the fall of 2022. Besides, the English Department will strive to offer more diverse tracks to meet the different professional development needs of students. The courses in this Fall Semester have also passed the mid-range. Soon everyone will register for their elective courses in the Winter and Spring Semesters of the coming year, so Dr. Hogsette and other instructors introduced future ENG elective courses to students.

ECHO-ENG, the first and self-operated periodical for English Department, also made its debut at this meeting.  ECHO-ENG took everyone through the series of events of past issues and called for submissions from students.

In the Q&A session, a lively discussion deepened students’ understanding of the structure and future development of the English Department. Many students expressed their doubts about Four-Year Plan and the information about Independent Study. We have also provided a summary for you, which we hope will be helpful.

Q: What is Independent Study? How many Independent Study courses can we take in four years?

A:Literally, Independent Study means students can choose a specific topic and have free research under the supervision of an instructor. Most of the time, the class size is small, and the content is flexible. The English Department limits the number of Independent Study to a maximum of two. However, if an Independent Study is enrolled in a large number of students to the size of a regular course, it may be run as a regular class. If you need to register for more than two Independent Studies, you need to obtain permission from the Executive Director.

Q: Do I have to take two courses of French and Spanish to get credit? How are credits calculated in Program Evaluation, especially in the GE-Humanities section?

A: If you take only one foreign language course, it will be classified as a lower-level Free Elective. Each foreign language course is worth 3 credits.

At the end, Dr. Hogsette stated that with our growing team of high-quality faculties and an increasing number of students, we need to continue to build the academic culture and professionalism of the English Department. In the future, we will carry out richer academic activities to strengthen the interaction between students and faculty, such as guest lectures, poetry reading and appreciation, movie nights, faculty-student tea parties, English writing competitions, and the ECHO-ENG series of events, etc.

Let’s all look forward to the exciting activities of the English Department in the future!

The following is a list of courses summarized in the meeting.

English (Global Settings) Four-Year Plan

English (Literature) Four-Year Plan

ENG Elective courses in Winter 2022:

ENG 2920

Introduction to Journalism

by James Tarwood

ENG 4120

Sociolinguistics by Ian Bechet

ENG 4812

Asian American Literature (Independent Study) by Kristen Hartman

ENG Elective courses in Spring 2022:

ENG 3335

British Romanticism and the science of life and mind

by David Hogsette

ENG 3215

Shakespeare Survey

by Kathrine Hennessey

ENG 3255

Young Adult Literature

by Hari Adhikari

ENG 4812

Introduction to Digital Humanities (Independent Study)

by Jennifer Marquardt

ENG 4122

World Englishes

by Craig Blacklock

EMSE 3421

Theory and Practice of Teaching II

by Svetlana Vikhnevich

ENG 4035

Writing for Social Change

by Alex Chan

ENG 2130

Introduction to Translation and Culture

by Elaine Ng


The list of courses is for reference only. If you are interested, please contact the professor for more information!


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