Scopus and SciVal are Available for WKU

The WKU Library has launched trial access to Scopus Database and SciVal Analysis Platform. This trial database is listed on the Library’s Database A-Z page.


Scopus is a source-neutral abstract and citation database curated by independent subject matter experts. It places powerful discovery and analytics tools in the hands of researchers, librarians, institutional research managers, and funders. Scopus generates precise citation search results and automatically updates researcher profiles, creating richer connections between people, published ideas, and institutions. In addition to protecting the integrity of the scholarly record, Scopus helps bolster institutional research performance, rank, and reputation.

Scopus provides a complete literature index query for scientific researchers and students in colleges and universities. The full-text literature ordered by colleges and universities can be quickly completed in a few clicks. The user interface is very friendly and easy to learn and use. In addition, Scopus is the only literature citation database with full name recording the information of all researchers, and the person’s name has been standardized. Users can directly query all relevant literature of the author according to the person’s name.


SciVal is a scientific research analysis and scientific research performance analysis platform developed by Elsevier. Based on the comprehensive literature data of the Scopus database, it can easily and quickly view the scientific research performance of 22,200 institutions and 17 million scholars around the world.


The newly opened resources will not only provide a more powerful document guarantee for the scientific research and learning of our teachers and students but also provide important support for the discipline construction and development of our community.

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