Refinitiv Data Online Workshop

Refinitiv 数据线上工作坊

Refinitiv Data Online Workshop


Refinitiv Data on the WRDS Platform for Research

Refinitiv 数据线上工作坊


London Stock Exchange Group Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters Financial and Risk Business Department), is the world’s leading data provider of financial information and trading platform, serving more than 40,000 institutions in more than 190 countries/regions around the world. Refinitiv data is an important part of the WRDS platform. Users can access a large amount of data on the WRDS platform to support the scientific research and learning.

Datastream is the world’s most comprehensive financial time series database with over 35 million individual instruments or indicators across all major asset classes, including 8.5 million active economic indicators.

I/B/E/S Estimate provides the estimated information on companies, industries, and key indicators from a global perspective.

SDC M&A is the mergers and acquisitions database in SDC Platinum. It covers more than 621,000 transactions including mergers, acquisitions, stake purchases, asset sales and divestitures, and so on.

Mutual Fund Holdings is the database that provides security holding information for all registered mutual funds that report their holdings with the SEC, as well as 3,000 global funds.

Refinitiv 数据线上工作坊

Workshop Information

Refinitiv 数据线上工作坊


    2:00 pm-3:30 pm, May 10, 2022 (Tuesday)




• Timeseries Database Datastream – Yu

• Estimate Data I/B/E/S – Yu

• SDC M&A – Bill

• Mutual Fund Holdings – Frank


Yang Yu(Yu), currently working at the London Stock Exchange Group’s Data & Analytics – Refinitiv department as Customer Success Manager. The training also invited Bill and Frank, senior experts in the field of mergers and acquisitions and investment.

Note: Attendees of this workshop will gain co-curricular credits. If you intend to participate in this workshop, please scan the following QR code before May 10, 2022.

Refinitiv 数据线上工作坊

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