WKU Celebrated Graduation for the Class of 2022

2 June: The Class of 2022 Commencement was held on the campus of Wenzhou-Kean University, with over 600 graduates attending to celebrate this lifetime milestone.

The graduates were congratulated by WKU and Kean University leadership, faculty and staff members. The commencement was also broadcast live online for all WKU’s counterparts and especially families to share graduates’ pride and joy.

Chair of the Board of Directors, Mr. Wang Beijiao presided over the commencement.

Member of the Board of Trustees Mr. John Kean Jr. joined the celebration virtually and applauded the graduates for their accomplishments and steadfast attention to their studies as well as their flexibility, adaptability and resilience in the challenging time. He iterated the importance of creative spirit, imagination and tenacity, hoping WKU graduates could fulfill their immense potential and launch their dreaming life.

Dr. Wang Li, Chancellor of WKU and Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Engineering addressed the Class of 2022. He noted that this ceremony was special as it marks the first cohort of graduates and the first outdoor ceremony in the newly-built stadium. At this joyful and memorable moment, Dr. Wang pinned his hope on the graduates being brave to take the lead in times, maintaining their ambition despite hard choices and staying at the cutting edge of transformation.

President of Kean University Dr. Lamont Repollet highly praise the graduates’ pioneering spirit in the time of the pandemic and remarked, “the achievements you’ve made, the obstacles you have overcome, the broad cultural experiences you’ve embraced, and the different perspectives you’ve considered throughout your academic journey at Wenzhou-Kean University will change the world!”

The year of 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League. Dr. Li Lanjuan, a highly accomplished scholar and member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered an inspirational commencement speech to the graduates. Drawing from her 50 years in medicine both as a doctor and academic, she encouraged the students to shoulder the responsibility of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and remember four essential lessons, which are “being practical, pioneering, adventurous, and bringing well-being to all humankind”.

Mr. Lin Xiaofeng, Deputy Secretary of CPC Wenzhou Municipal Committee, was in attendance and acknowledged the development of Wenzhou and WKU in the past few years. He further urged the graduates to impress the experiences in Wenzhou on their memory, draw nutrients from the Wenzhou people’s tradition of making pioneering efforts and devote themselves to the great undertakings of building a better Wenzhou.

Valedictorian Miss Gao Chen extended her external gratefulness for the last four years at WKU which have been vital in exploring paths for the future and expanding her limits for what is possible. She will continue to uphold the values of beauty, uprightness, and goodness to embrace the possibilities of her life.

In 2019, WKU was approved to offer graduate programs, indicating a breakthrough that WKU has made within only a few years and a solid step to becoming a high-level and internationalized university. On behalf of the first cohort of the graduate students, Mr. Lin Mingze from the MA TESOL program noted in his speech that WKU has shaped him into an independent thinker, autonomous learner and engaging citizen. He will keep in mind to apply knowledge into practice and better serve the community, the country and humanity.

A highlight of every commencement ceremony is the performance of students and this year, they did not disappoint with their energetic dance and the song Seasons of Love, as well as the alma mater.

In closing, Chair Mr. Wang Beijiao waved goodbye to the Class of 2022 and reminded them, “wherever you will be, WKU is always ready to embrace and greet you. WKU will share your joy of success and sorrow of failure. WKU will always be here waiting for you! Remember to come back sometime!”

Congratulations, Class of 2022! May you succeed in your new journey of life.