CTLAM| Museum Recruitment Night Invitation


2022 Chen Tianlong Art Museum Recruitment Wonderful Night


The sincerest invitation to all WKUers!






Reclaim the fragments of your memory, combine different ideas and create your concept “Be careful; art is all around you, maybe it is you.”

In the first session of the Museum Wonderful Night, the Chen Tianlong Art Museum will be holding a “COLLAGE Re-Creation Workshop”, where we will provide you with a collage of postcard boards that you can mail to the people who matter most to you! At the same time, we will also invite volunteers from the museum’s public aesthetic education team to provide on-site salon talks and creative guidance. To ensure quality participation, the event is limited to the first 50 people who register, so come and create your collage with us!


Collage is an art-making technique used primarily in the visual arts, but also in music, where art is created by combining different forms to create a new whole. A collage may sometimes include magazine and newspaper cuttings, ribbons, paint, colored or handmade pieces of paper, parts of other artwork or texts, photographs, and other found objects glued to a piece of paper or canvas. This technique was dramatically recreated as a novel art form in the early 20th century.

Pablo Picasso, 1913–14, Head (Tête), This work is an early collage by Picasso




At the second session of the Museum Wonderful Night, we will be presenting certificates and commemorative gifts to the Gallery’s outstanding volunteers for 2021-2022. The outstanding volunteers are active in the areas of Museum Service, Media & Design, Installation & Maintenance, Collection & Research, Administration, and Museum Education, and have made many outstanding contributions to the proper functioning of the Chen Tianlong Art Museum. We invite all WKUers to join us in witnessing this wonderful moment.



2022Color Of Me color is Thought Art Co-creation Exhibition Preparation Group






Ever thought you would spend a day at WKU and spend an afternoon floating around in front of a work? Or learning all about the workings and core elements of a contemporary art museum that will open up new possibilities for your life? Or broaden your social circle and find your soulmate? You’ll experience all of these at the Chen Tianlong Museum!


Last part of the Museum Wonderful Night, we will be conducting a recruitment talk for 2022-2023 Chen Tian Long Museum volunteers.






Here you will find a group of like-minded people, working in a comfortable atmosphere, doing what they love wholeheartedly. We’ll be waiting for you at GHK B209 at 18:30 on 1 September, as thunder rumbles and rains fall in early autumn! You can also join us online, at Tencent Conference: 423-778-057.





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