WKU Celebrated 2022 Convocation Ceremony

September 28: Wenzhou-Kean University officially greeted nearly 1,300 freshmen at a joyous Convocation Ceremony held on Wednesday night at the Stadium of the University. The school leaders, faculty, and staff members gathered together to celebrate the significant moment of the new cohort of WKUers.

The Opening Ceremony kicked off with a well-choreographed dance performance, igniting the evening’s atmosphere, followed by the national anthems of the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America.

In the opening address, Chancellor WANG Li welcomed freshmen from 22 provinces, and other students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, and countries including the Netherlands, Indonesia and the Philippines. This year, the event was even more auspicious as it heralded the presence of the third graduate class, the enrollment number of which was at a record high. This underscored the rapid progress of the University and marked the start of the second decade of its operation.

Dr. WANG Li, Chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean University

He further stated that unprecedented challenges have been recurring since the outset of the pandemic. Covid-19 has changed our lives, and international relations and created great uncertainties, but he believes the current international situation makes it even clearer that the fate of humankind has been closely interwoven and the trend of globalization is irreversible. One should rise to these challenges by embracing Internationalization, Cooperation and Contribution, which were fundamental to a WKU education. Dr. WANG concluded his speech by encouraging all youngsters to adapt themselves to the new era and establish the great ambition of seeking happiness for the people, rejuvenation for the nation and great harmony for the world.

Dr. Lamont Repollet, the President of Kean University, extended virtual congratulations to the incoming class. “As students at WKU, you will receive a top-notch education, a rare English immersion experience, and a competitive career advantage…And when your journey with us is over, you will receive degrees from both Kean and WKU, which open doors for you for graduate school and your career,” he said. He quoted the saying “Cougars Climb Higher” to wish all the students a successful climb and a great semester.

Dr. Lamont Repollet, President of Kean University

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Eric Yang applauded the academic excellence demonstrated by the new cohort of students and their decision to pursue higher education at WKU, where dedicated professors, support staff, and aspiring peer students will help them attain their educational goals. He also advised new WKUers to be persistent and embrace multidimensional perspectives in the four years ahead.

Dr. Eric Yang, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

The event witnessed the participation of the alumna ZHOU Yixiao, who made a witty speech entitled “Life is a Journey to be Fearless”. She reminisced on her journey starting from WKU in 2014 and her metamorphosis from an introvert to a confident graduate. She encouraged freshmen to be persistent, challenge themselves continually, think critically, and plan their careers.

Ms. ZHOU Yixiao, 2018 alumna

In a memorable speech, Dean of Students Dr. ZHU Haina delivered a motivational address and inspired new students to be grateful people and global citizens.

Dr. ZHU Haina, Dean of Students

The ceremony also featured remarks by Deans, executive directors, and faculty representatives of the four colleges.

As the ceremony culminated, the freshmen representative SU Yuwen appealed to the incoming class to live their school life to the fullest. YU Zhecheng, the graduate student representative, believed that an education at WKU can boost students’ career development. He was followed by the Student Government Vice President MA Jingyu and the Student Director of WKU Board ZHANG Yuejiu, who delivered rousing messages of encouragement.

SU Yuwen, Freshmen Representative

YU Zhecheng, Graduate Student Representative

In response to the latest requirements of pandemic prevention and control, the ceremony unfolded virtually and in person in the open air to ensure the safety of the WKU community. Parents could attend the event via broadcast live on ifeng.com and Zhejiang TV Station.

Writer: Wenwei XIANG

Proofreader: Abbigail Ajim