Biology Industry-University Cooperation Training Base was awarded the “2021-2022 Zhejiang Provincial Industry-University Cooperation Collaborative Education Project”

Recently, the list of “five batches” for industry-education integration in Zhejiang Province from 2021 to 2022 was jointly announced by the Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education, and other 10 departments. WKU Biology Industry-University Cooperation Training Base won the Zhejiang Provincial Industry-University Cooperation Collaborative Education Project.


Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) Biology Program has been developed to produce students with a superior education focusing a curriculum in preparation of advanced study or employment in medical, pharmacological and genetic disciplines.  With an all-English curriculum, the mission is to enable students to be accepted at and be successful in the highest quality graduate programs or international research organization anywhere in the world. The Biology program is a rigorous curriculum of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Additionally, students have the option of pursuing and receiving minors in Bioinformatics, Chemistry and Sustainability Science.  Our Program is uniquely positioned to develop student skills through a combination of theoretical and lab-based coursework that includes, Genetics, Microbiology, Immunology, Cell Physiology and much more. Our educational model stresses the need to extend beyond learning facts and focus on understanding concepts and applications. By providing a broad curriculum, our students are able to understand and see connections in biologic systems that will elude students in conventional, classroom-based learning environments.


Attachment: 省发展改革委等10部门关于公布浙江省2021-2022年度产教融合“五个一批”名单的通知.pdf