WKU 2023 Spring Term Officially Begins

Welcome home WKUers! The Spring semester has begun!

This Spring semester, over 3,800 students will return to the WKU campus. Students can now enter campus after undergoing a temperature check and confirming the WKU passcode. The entrance of the University is also specially equipped with intelligent face-recognition software which will improve the efficiency of admissions and avoid long lines at the entrance of the campus.

For the first time in three years, parents will be able to visit the campus as Covid-19 management regulations have been relaxed. Parents wanting to visit the campus must make an online reservation. According to the Office of Student Affairs over 400 parents have applied to visit the campus by February 11, 2023.

Dong Jialu, a Senior Accounting student, returned to WKU with her family after an exchange year at Kean University. Dong’s parents find the campus has transformed significantly during the short year that their daughter was away at Kean. Jialu is excited about returning and said, “We noticed that the Student Activity Center will soon be completed, and there are also a few more dormitories including the Banyan and Maple Halls. The campus has a new look and a more unique atmosphere.”

On February 12, Yan Xiaopeng, Deputy Party Secretary of the WKU CPC Committee, visited the international students at WKU. Dr. Yan had cordial communication with the students, understanding their winter vacation life, professional study and new semester plan. Dr. Yan encouraged them to participate in more cultural activities and welcomed them to bring their families to visit the university in the future. Vargas Ceeane Paul from the Philippines expressed his gratitude for the school’s consistent help and care which are made available to the international student community. He has been at WKU for one term and is now fully acclimated to the campus environment. “Not only the facilities, but the entire environment in WKU is really green, open, and cozy. My friend and I have often commented that we feel like we are still at home.”

The health and safety of students remains WKU’s overriding priority. Before students’ arrival, the University ensured that all teaching buildings and dormitories were thoroughly disinfected. The WKU Health Services Center is fully stocked with medicine and facilities to protect the health of faculty, staff and students and ensure everything goes smoothly for the new semester.

May all the goodness and hope come with the breeze of spring!

Writer: Wenwei XIANG

Proofreader: Abbigail Ajim