CLA Digital Media Lab of WKU opens for use!

College of Liberal Arts Digital Media Lab of Wenzhou-Kean University opens on March 15. Located in GEH B401, equipped with state-of-art facilities and technologies, the laboratory provides teachers and students with more systematic science and technology educational services, creating an open and innovative digital learning and creative space.

The new laboratory offers the latest hardware equipment, such as iMac computers, Mac Studio, Canon cameras, video cameras, and a full range of photography and video equipment. Professional software and tools include Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, MainStage, Compressor, Motion, BNDL Pro, etc., which meet the diverse needs of students and professors in digital innovation and authoring. The laboratory also has spacious rooms for study and research. Besides, high-speed network and data storage system guarantee that students could create, edit, communicate, and display projects smoothly and successfully.

According to Dr. Denise Horn, Dean of CLA, the laboratory provides a platform for practical teaching and scientific research for WKU faculty and students to improve their practical skills and innovative spirit. CLA plans to offer a number of digital innovation and creativity courses, such as News Directing and Editing, Film Production, International Film, Documentary Film Production, TV Studio Production, Film Editing, and Advanced Digital Media. Students are expected to master core skills of digital technology and artistic creation in practice. In addition to meeting the needs of courses required by the Communication major, the laboratory will also strengthen the collaboration among majors, such as Graphic Design, Architecture, and Computer Science, which is conducive to interdisciplinary integration and promotion of subjects’ cooperation. Moreover, the laboratory also provides strong support for the construction of other university offices, such as Media and Design Center, Admission and Career Development Office, Information Technology Center and so on.

With the continuous development of the digital age, multimedia applications will become an increasingly important field, bringing more opportunities and challenges for students. WKU is committed to providing students with the highest quality educational resources and practical opportunities to add fuel to their future careers.

Writer: FU Xiaotong

Proofreader: XIANG Bingling (Evangeline)