KU Senior Vice Presidents visited WKU to further promote cooperation

Following the visit of KU President Lamont Repollet and his delegation in late March, a delegation of senior vice presidents from KU visited Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) in late April. The delegation included Felice Vazquez, Senior Vice President for Planning & Special Counsel to the President; Sancha Gray, Senior Vice President for Entrepreneurial Education Initiative and Interim Dean College of Education at WKU; Joseph Youngblood, Senior Vice President for Transformational Learning & External Affairs; Michael Salvatore, Senior Vice President for Administration, and George Chang, Dean of the College of Science, Mathematics and Technology. Their visit deepened and advanced cooperation between WKU and KU in many aspects.

Upon their arrival in Wenzhou, the delegation immediately began a packed schedule. After a tour of the beautiful campus, their first meeting was with WKU student representatives followed by attending classes to gain a better understanding of the quality of education provided. They also held meetings with relevant departments, including Academic Affairs, the Registrar’s Office and Human Resources, to discuss graduate student enrollment, academic-related work and faculty recruitment.

The delegation also visited Wenzhou No.2 Foreign Language School, Pan Health International Hospital and an industry park in Wenzhou to discuss topics such as improving education for faculty children, providing better medical services and student internships and employment opportunities. At the Rui’an Dongxin Science and Technology Park, the delegation learned about the international talent pool and industry platform, while at Rui’an High School, they discussed how to attract better-quality students.

On the day of WKU “3-in-1” enrollment event, the delegation warmly welcomed prospective students and their parents. They also exchanged ideas with the deans and with leaders from Student Affairs.

The delegation also participated in various activities during their visit, including the opening ceremony of the launch of Mid-Year WKU News, welcoming 132 WKU students who will be studying at Kean University in the fall, and launching student research activities at the World Youth Scientists Summit.

As the co-chair of KU Sustainability Task Force, Felice Vazquez took the opportunity to have in-depth discussions on sustainability campus building with Dr. Zheng Xiaodong, Vice Chancellor of WKU, and expressed expectations for future cooperation in sustainability curriculum, research, and student internships. Dr. Robert Marjerison, a professor of international business of WKU, also participated in these discussions.

Chairman of WKU Board of Directors Wang Beijiao, Chancellor Wang Li and Executive Vice Chancellor Cary Anderson attended relevant activities.