Highlights from AIA WKU Inaugural Career Development Workshop

Outstanding architects from AIA-SH (American Institute of Architecture-Shanghai Chapter) visited Wenzhou-Kean University for the first time on May 12, 2023, in order to establish connections with AIAS. They come from a range of exceptional companies and will act as mentors for the students in our Michael Graves College by leading an AIA WKU Spring Career Development Workshop.

Do you worry about the future still? Students can select the Firm they are interested in according to their circumstances in this collaborative workshop. Senior architects will mentor students’ projects and ideas, aid them with potential jobs and internships, and provide guidance for portfolios, resumes, and career planning—a highly uncommon opportunity.

Many professionals urge people to take risks while they are still young. Don’t be afraid of failure or challenges. Be brave enough to speak their mind and demonstrate their talent. Patience is essential for both studying and working. They should aggressively seize every chance as they go. The significance of internships was also emphasized by several top specialists.

Both undergraduate and graduate students who attended the workshop in the afternoon got invaluable advice from experienced architects and had their questions answered one at a time. We anticipate that this workshop will be a valuable resource for students’ growth.

A new beginning, an investigation of architectural distance—looking forward to our next encounter! A single thread is not a line, a single tree is not a forest.

(Aecom Architects, DLR Architects, Ennead Architects, Gensler Architects, Jerde Architects, KPF Architects, MRY Architects, Shanghai Mu Architects, NBBJ Architects, Perkins Eastman Architects, Firefly Studio, DOHO Studio, Atelier Qiao Architects, and SOM Architects are among the members of the delegation.)

Writer: Keming ZHANG, Zhixuan CHEN

Proofreader: Chengqian YE, Wenwei XIANG