Qiu Hailu: Programming, Dancing, Competitions… The Life in and out of the Classroom of the Atypical Engineering Girl

Can studies and hobbies be balanced at the same time? Qiu Hailu, a student majoring in computer science, gives us the best answer. As the winner of the Zhejiang Province Government Scholarship, Vice President of the Science and Technology Association of the University, winner of the first prize in the dance competition of the Zhejiang Art Festival, and volunteer of the United Nations Climate Conference and World Robot Conference. This atypical engineering girl, like a dedicated computer, turns her dream into reality progressively with persistence and passion.

In the Classroom, She Is a Dedicated Computer Programmer

When asked why she chose to major in computer science, Qiu said, “Programming is a fascinating thing for me, and I think it’s going to become something that everyone needs to know.”

Although having early exposure to some programming languages in high school, Qiu admitted that a lot of things have to be relearned and the English teaching environment takes time for her to get used to in the University. In class, she absorbed knowledge without any distractions; after class, she reviewed time after time. She is a well-arranged person that can make her whole day perfectly scheduled. Regular rest and good living habits also helped her through these busy days. This diligent girl ranked among the best in her major and became the winner of the Zhejiang Province Government Scholarship, Dean’s Scholarship, and Inm Inspiration and Innovation Scholarship.

Besides, the competition is also the highlight of Qiu’s college life. Having participated in several competitions inside and outside the University, she was deeply impressed by the 2021 MCM/ICM. During the Chinese New Year, she slept in the training building for three days to prepare for the competition. On the last day, she did not sleep until 3 am. After a long time of accumulation, she also served as vice president of the Science and Technology Association of the University. With increasing professional ability, Qiu recorded her growth in the field of computer science with one award after another, such as the Best Team Award in Hackathon and Silver Award in Human-Computer Interaction Creative Contest. Last summer vacation, she also signed up to participate in the college students’ scientific research innovation training program, visited the Beijing Electron Positron Collider, and had a direct talk with the faculty of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, from which she learned a lot.

Outside the Classroom, She is a “Full Spectrum Warrior”

As an atypical engineering girl, Qiu enjoys a particularly colorful extra-curricular life. In her freshman year, she joined the Chinese dance team of the University’s Art Troupe and won first prize at the Provincial College Students Art Festival with her teammates that year. Every year after that, she took part in dance competitions such as “Talent Show” and “Color of Dance” many times, burning with her passion for dance moves.

“Moderate exercise can also make my mind clearer and study more efficiently.” In addition to dancing, Qiu also likes sports. She has the habit of exercising regularly. She likes jogging in the playground, swimming, and hiking in her spare time.

The unanimous comment she gets from her classmates is versatile, optimistic, and cheerful. Every year, she participated in the University’s dance competition, freshman debate, freshman basketball match, etc. Qiu has been trying to set foot in different fields and explore the different possibilities of life.

In a word, grasping both learning and hobbies brings Qiu both “physical strain and mental pleasure”. The girl, who has arranged her study and life in good order, has received offers from Northeastern University, University of California, Irvine, and Georgia Tech Shenzhen Institute, Tianjin University. She will continue to study in the computer field and keep lifelong learning.

Translator: Wenwei XIANG