Wu Zhe: WKU Golden Microphone Host Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in 3 Years and Taking Two Minors to Achieve His Media Dream

Wu Zhe, an English major to be graduated from WKU, is one of the best embodiments of the university’s dedication to “providing students with different ways of development” and enabling students to make their voices heard in their respective fields.

Wu Zhe is known as the first student at WKU to earn a bachelor’s degree in just three years. Besides, he got a 3.96 GPA in college and minored in communication and political science. He has received scholarships every year during college life, including the Zhejiang Province Government Scholarship, the Dean’s Scholarship, the Star of Self-improvement of Chinese College Students Scholarship, the Leadership or Public Services Scholarship, and the Culture, Sports or Art Scholarship. Currently, Wu has received offers from well-known universities such as University College London, the University of Edinburgh, King’s College London, and the University of Glasgow. He is the first WKU student who gets the film & television offers in graduate programs.

A Straight A Student in Liberal Arts Racing Against Time

The key to Wu Zhe’s academic success lies in the intense desire for self-enhancement deep inside. In just one month after enrollment in WKU, he made a plan to take two minor courses, get scholarships, and graduate from college one year ahead of schedule. Keeping his goals clearly in mind, Wu decided to take two minors in communication and political science.

He never missed any courses in each semester and made the best of his time to learn and run ahead of his peers. In order to graduate ahead of time, he needs to learn more difficult courses and work even harder to understand the teaching materials and communicate with the professors. He only takes vacation no more than 20 days each year, but those hard-working days did push him to grow.

In his first year of university, he expressed his wish to become an ambassador for cultural exchange between China and foreign countries in a freshman interview. Now, he is a real straight-A student in liberal arts thanks to his proficiency in English, rich practice in Communication, and the vision from the study of Political Science.

Wu explains that he is the kind of person who desires to race against time and set no limits on his life. Indeed, all the great achievements he has made in just three years are the best interpretation of this life motto.

WKU’s Golden Microphone Host and a Doer Behind the Scenes

When Wu first stood on the stage at a very young age, he had never imagined that hosting and directing would be so important in his future life. Having expertise and rich experience in hosting, he often plans rehearsals for various campus activities day and night.

He thinks it is all worth it to see the development of the university and his progress. Over the past three years, he has hosted no less than 30 large-scale events at college and acted as a liaison between the university and organizations outside the campus. All teachers recognize his work and find him very reliable.

In campus leadership practice, he has played the roles of the head of the Student Media and Design Center, the head of the Voice of WKU, the founding member of the Art Troupe, and a mentor for freshman students. Under his leadership, the Voice of WKU has been reelected as a five-star club. As the founder of the Color of Talk, Wu has directed this classic reading contest for three years in a row and won honors at the provincial level.

The First Cross-major Student to Get Film & Television Offers and a Media Worker

Wu has been longing to study film and television and dream to be a versatile media worker. For this reason, he became a campus journalist and editor responsible for campus news covering and writing. Some articles he has written have been reposted on Zhejiang News, Wenzhou Daily, Ningbo Evening Post, and other media platforms.

Wu once took internships at Zhejiang Satellite TV and Hunan Satellite TV, responsible for program recording, casting and variety show planning. By putting theory into real practice, he has become a professional media worker.

With impressive internships and outstanding achievements on his resume, Wu stood out from other applicants when applying for graduate studies in his junior year. He received offers from UCL, Edin., KCL, and UofG within a month, making him the first student ever in WKU’s history to get offers in film & television studies.

Wu always says he is a lucky person and feels so grateful. He said, “WKU has recorded every moment of my growth. I have left my voices and stories at this university.” We believe that Wu Zhe will continue to try the hardest and live life to the fullest at the best age!

Translator: Wenwei XIANG