Center for Graduate Education

Center for Graduate Education is a branch affiliated to the Office of Academic Affairs and mainly in charge of the overall operation of graduate programs at WKU. The Center, guided by the mission and need of WKU to develop graduate education, oversee the graduate programs in all academic related affairs, which ensure smooth and steady operation of graduate programs.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Propose developmental plans for graduate education at appropriate times based on WKU’s mission and need.
  2. Apply to national/provincial department(s) for new graduate programs as planned.
  3. Oversee the daily operation of current graduate programs.
  4. Formulate policies/regulations related to graduate education, such as the annual graduate admission guidelines, graduate scholarship and assistantship policy, etc.
  5. Plan and undertake academic activities related to graduate education.
  6. Work effectively with other departments/offices according to the University’s overall work plan of graduate education.

Senior Coordinator for Graduate Education: LIN Long

Specialist for Graduate Education: GAO Ruiyao