The B.A. degree in Architectural Studies is a studio-oriented design program. Students focusing on Architecture will develop expertise in the creation of built structures and environments for public audiences. The curriculum includes a concentration in this design discipline and a broad foundation in the liberal arts, studio arts, and art history. Emphasis is placed upon creative problem-solving, design competence and technical skills. The program of study also develops skills in critical thinking, and oral and written communications. The design of meaningful buildings and places in major metropolitan areas will be a focus of the program.


Career Prospects


Successful completion of B.A. in Architectural Studies enables graduates to become problem solvers that can manage the relationship between human and space properly with clients and government. Graduates are competent in the career of architecture design, landscape design, and environment design. Additionally, some graduates are also using their highly transferable skills in other design related disciplines, such as industrial design and costume design.


Our Mission


The Program aims to inform the public about the critical contribution that architecture designers make in changing the world and to this end we are also dedicated to reaching out to the wider community through programs of the design to relationship between human and space.

With a broad foundation in liberal arts (GE), a core foundation in the basics of design elements and principles, a thorough grounding in design concepts, artistry, craft, and technologies, followed by a concentration in selected area of design, the programs of study offer students intensive theory and practice and an integrated curriculum to provide them with the tools they need to help shape the future of human lives.

Architectural Studies Program has a focus on critical and creative thinking, aesthetic awareness, effective use of technology, awareness of sustainability relative to the profession, diversity and social sensitivity, ethical professional practices, career opportunity, and global perspectives.


Major (Core) Required Courses


Introduction to Architecture

Studio: Individual Topics

Representation: Hand and Digital Skills

Ecology, the Environment, and the Ethics of Architecture


Buildings Systems

History: Urban and Landscape Forms


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