B.S. in Finance is listed as the First-Class Discipline construction project of Zhejiang province in 2015. The aim of this major is to develop experts and leaders in the field of international finance. The program will familiarize students with the financial system, international financial market structure and its operation mechanism. With our guidance, students will study the fundamentals of economics and international finance, master relevant policies and regulations applicable to domestic and international trade, and will be able to flexibly use modern financial theories as well as qualitative and quantitative methods to solve real-world financial problems. In the meanwhile, our program places emphasis on the training of students’ insight, analytical ability, critical thinking, and innovative consciousness. Professionally trained students will gain an in-depth understanding of the globalization process of economic, technological, legal, social and other aspects associated with contemporary economic trends. Graduates will be become high-level financial professionals with strong competence who are working on positions related to research and development, application, and evaluation of financial products in financial institutions and non-financial institutions such as banks, securities, insurance, funds and trust leasing.


Career Prospects

The financial industry is a high-growth industry domestically and internationally. Currently, there still exists a huge gap for financial professionals, especially those who have global vision and international experience. Students of WKU can apply for exchange study to Kean University in the United States, which is conducive to developing the international vision and fostering global mindset. With its unique geographical advantage (30 minutes’ drive from Manhattan Financial Center), Kean University builds good cooperative relationships with many financial institutions on Wall Street in New York, making full use of all the advantages of resources to strengthen the practical training in the teaching practice, and providing WKU students with abroad internship opportunities of well-known financial institutions. Students can obtain a Kean USA degree in finance upon graduation, which is recognized internationally by all universities and provides strong support for applying postgraduate studies abroad, especially the well-known colleges and universities in the United States.

Selected Graduate School:

USA British Commonwealth China
University of Chicago King’s college London, UK Chinese University of Hong Kong
Johns Hopkins University University College London, UK City University of Hong Kong
Columbia University McMaster university, Canada Peking University
Boston University University of Nottingham, UK University of Nottingham Ningbo
Brown University York University, UK
University of Rochester University of Glasgow, UK
Washington University in St. Louis University of Sydney, Australia
University of Maryland Australian National University

Employment directions: financial firms (banks/funds/securities firm/futures companies/ financial lease companies / assets management companies), government agencies, institutions, and self-employment.

(Source: 2017 Wenzhou-Kean University Graduate Employment Quality Report)


Knowledge and Skills

Students will: 1) Study the basic principles of investments suitable for individuals and for business organizations; 2) Get the understandings of entrepreneurial finance which consists of funding companies from start-up to early stage and growth phases; 3) Learn the management, finance and investment problems peculiar to foreign operations. Interrelationships between theory and practice will be emphasized.


Core Courses

  • Corporate Finance
  • International Business Finance
  • Derivatives
  • Investments and Portfolio Management
  • Financial Institutions & Markets
  • FIN Electives


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