The BFA in Graphic Design is a professional degree that gives students the knowledge, skills, resources and support in concept, strategy, techniques, practices, and methods to insure their successful entry into and continuing success in these exciting fields.

The curriculum is designed to give undergraduates a competitive edge and a sound basis for professional achievement. After taking a foundation of visual arts courses in drawing, typography, art history, the fundamentals of design and technologies, students then pursue an area of specialization by taking courses in identity, branding, advertising design, web design, motion graphics, among other choices.

The program includes extensive studio and computer lab experience, presentations and reviews by professional designers and practical work experience for real clients through in-house internships in print and screen-based design.


Career Prospects


Successful completion of BFA in Graphic Design enables graduates become versatile practitioners working with many sectors of business as well as with institutions, and government. Graduates are competent in the career of advertising design, website design, motion graphic design and package design. Additionally, some graduates are also using their highly transferable skills in other design related disciplines, such as industrial design and environment design.


Our Mission


The program aims to inform the public about the critical contribution that designers make in changing the world and to this end we are also dedicated to reaching out to the wider community through programs of public information and service.

With a broad foundation in liberal arts (GE), a core foundation in the basics of design elements and principles, a thorough grounding in design concepts, artistry, craft, and technologies, followed by a concentration in selected area of design, our design programs offer students intensive theory and practice and an integrated curriculum to provide them with the tools they need to help shape the future of human lives.

The Graphic Design program has a focus on critical and creative thinking, aesthetic awareness, effective use of technology, awareness of sustainability relative to the profession, diversity and social sensitivity, ethical professional practices, career opportunity, and global perspectives.


Academic Support


The Graphic Design program at WKU provides a range of resources and services to help you make the most of your studies. There are extensive lecture, studio, and technology courses led and taught by full-time faculty and visiting instructors who are all practicing professional designers. The faculty and staff are dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience while fostering the knowledge, skills, creativity and professionalism necessary to prepare graduates for careers as professional designers. Furthermore, a specialization and career direction which is developed with guidance from a faculty adviser, the Language Center, and IT services will help you to succeed in your degree.


Global Practicum Opportunities


The Michael Graves College at Union campus of Kean University USA is the great base of our program that is literally only 45 minutes from one of the world’s leading design centers – New York City. A wealth of educational experiences both in and out of the classroom at Wenzhou and Union campus during your four-year study bridge the experience. Students in the program are encouraged to pursue internships and part-time employment in the field, to participate in events sponsored by professional organizations, and to meet design professionals during seminars, portfolio reviews, and other special events, including the world-class Thinking Creatively Design Conference hosted by the Design Center at Kean. This program also concludes with a course in which students create professional portfolios enabling them to competently and confidently enter the job market.


Major (Core) Required Courses



Interactive, Print, & Screen Option

Studio Skill


Understanding Images

Concept to Print

Visual Storytelling

Motion Graphic Design

Expressive Imaging

Branding Strategies


Mobile Design

Critical Perspectives in Design


Interactive Advertising Option



Web and Interactive Design

Motion Graphic Design

Identity & Information Design

Design of Advertising

Promotional Design



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