Center for Undergraduate Program Development and Test Management

The Center is central to the success of undergraduate programs, promoting high academic standards for faculty and students, and administering the resources, policies, and plans that sustain them. The Center performs a major role at the Office of Academic Affairs in overseeing the governance of academic policies and procedures, applying for the eligibility of undergraduate programs, fostering program excellence and innovation, dealing with programs inquiries and iterative improvement of academic programs. The Center provides critical strategic leadership and concierge-quality support to program planning and development, academic initiatives, interdisciplinary studies and other activities.

The Center ensures that all examinations (CET, TEM, TOEFL, GRE, 3-in-1 & Indepedent Admissions Exam) are administered within official guidelines as set forth by Wenzhou-Kean University and provincial regulations each year. In collaboration with other offices, the center organizes the attendance of all required proctors and school personnel as mandated by NEEA of MOE. This includes all recruiting and training for exam staff, drafting and revising Testing Manuals and monitor and advise on risk control and process management.


To become the effective core of academic administration in support to the providing and delivering of the outstanding academic programs and in coordination with other divisions to establish a leading world-class university.


Academic CompetitionTo encourage WKU students to actively participate in academic competitions and practice innovation activity, the reward is available for the individual and team to apply for.
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