WKU Assistant Manual

  1. Freshman Checklist: Freshmen must submit high school files and league member files when entering the school. There is the information of deadline, location, email, and telephone number.
  2. Professor’s office: You can inquire about the professor’s mailbox address and office number here.
  3. Student Service Index: You can inquire about the colleges and departments, such as course selection, course change, peer tutoring projects, scholarships, relevant persons in charge of various affairs, etc.
  4. Emergency Contact Information: Contains the contact information of each dormitory management staff, IT, infirmary, security, administration, student affairs, water, and electricity maintenance.
  5. Bloomberg Lab: Bloomberg Lab welcomes everyone to study. Location: CBPM C227.
  6. Lost and Found: Please upload the information of the found items here to help the owner find it quickly.

The ‘lost and found’ project in the “WKU Assistant” public account has very complete functions and a simple interface. Whether you are the owner who has lost something or the kind person who has picked it up, you can choose the corresponding section base on the type of information you need to publish.

If you have found something that someone lost, you could post information in the “Lost and Found” section (click the icon of ○+ in the upper right corner). Please fill in “found item”, “owner’s student number (if any)”, “found location”, “placement location” and “upload picture” in order to facilitate the owner to find it. You can also add additional instructions in the “Message”.

If you have lost something, then you could post information in the “Discovery Notice” section (click the icon of ○+ in the upper right corner). Please fill in “Lost Item”, “Lost Location” and “Contact Information” in sequence. You can also upload pictures and fill in remarks to make the information detailed.