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"We feel at ease here": 17 new professors join the WKU family in the new semester

Dr. Denise M. Horn is the new dean of the College of Liberal Arts who has just arrived at WKU last week after seven months of online work and 28 days of quarantine. In addition to Dr. Horn, CLA also greeted many other new professors this spring. Mr.

WKU scholars lead an international joint statement on pangolin conservation

In February 2022, Professor Choo Siew Woh from the Department of Biology, College of Science and Technology, Wenzhou-Kean University, published a paper in Elsevier (“A collective statement in support of saving pangolins”) in collaboration with 65 res

Empower Students with Technology

Over the past decade, their career accomplishment has been a part of WKU’s past 10-years legacy. Whether they pushed forward WKU’s advancement or WKU accelerated their personal growth? It is no longer a significant issue since they have integrated as

Professor says | College of Architecture & Design: Among the Top, March towards Excellence!

He is a University teacher whose works are collected in permanent collections at 10 universities and museums in Asia and the United States. He is also a father of five children… Randy Clark, an assistant professor at the College of Architectur

On Board! You can fly far and high! 3 Supervisors support your dream

It is indispensable part to a good master/doctoral program to have a suitable supervisor. Since its launch, the master/doctoral program on WKU has drawn increasing attention, but regardless of the reputable graduate university and top-tier journal li

Since Changes is perpetual proposition, why not embrace uncertainties

Have you ever thought about moving to another country? Do you always have many concerns, hesitating to take the fi

ZACH MILLS:Words, Stories, Inspiration

Dr. Zach W. Mills is a Lecturer of College of Liberal Arts. He got his Ph.D in Rhetoric and Public Culture from Northwestern University. He is also the founding director of the University’s first Speech & Communications Lab. He studies the inters

How to tide over daze? Professor of Psychology told you…

Do you feel confused and lost amidst dramatic changes? Have you encountered gender-biased comments? Are you suffering from increasing anxiety due to the unexpected epidemic crisis? What should you do? How to adapt yourself to the new environment? To

Jennifer Marquardt: literature is about interiority.

Jennifer Marquardt Prof. Jennifer Marquardt joined the WKU family at the beginning of its establishment. She is the Assistant Professor of English in the College of Liberal Arts. Beautiful, kind, talented are the students’ impression of her. Pr

Prof. Jerry Choi: Management Paradigm Change under the Covid-19 Crisis.

On June 28, 2020 Impact Investment International Forum jointly hosted by the China Society of Technical Economics and OHT Group, was successfully launched. Prof. Jerry Choi of Management Science Department of Wenzhou-Kean University was invited to gi