Zhao Ruzhen: Born in the 2000s, She Applies Architectural Know-how to Rural Revitalization Undertaking in her Hometown

Zhao Ruzhen, a senior graduate majoring in Architectural Studies, is a native of Wenzhou City. During her four years at WKU, the post-00 girl absorbed the cutting-edge knowledge in architecture while applying what she learned to the protection of

Zhan Yinuo: The Finance Girl Who Spent Four Years Chasing Her Dream of Being an Educator

Browsing Zhan Yinuo’s phone gallery, you will be amazed at her persistence in recording her life and how exciting her college life is. As a student-to-be of the best school for education in the United States, she was a consistent winner of t

Shen Zhiyu: Dancing Brightens My Youth

“My journey at WKU begins with dancing.” Shen Zhiyu, a student of Management major, navigated her four-year journey at WKU with dancing as the helm. She practiced dancing for more than 10 hours a week, and once worked for NetEase and Hangzhou Asi

Mei Yuxi: the NO.1 in Graphic Design and an Art Lover

Four years’ study at WKU has left Mei Yuxi with cherished memories and remarkable achievements. She is the No.1 in the Graphic Design major and scores 3.866 in GPA. Her language proficiency meets the requirements for an exam exemption, and she is

Lu Yining: Academic Excellence (GRE330 + 4/TOEFL 104/GPA 3.89/0.17% Finalists of MCM/ICM) Inspires Him to Pursue Further Study

Lu Yining, a student majoring in Mathematical Sciences (Data Analytics Option), has received offers from Columbia University and Johns Hopkins University for his academic success at WKU (GRE330+4/TOEFL 104/GPA 3.89). He was even nominated as the O

Chen Gao: The First WKU Student Receives Offer From the Best UK University for Art History! Life with No Limits

It is the principle of WKU to “provide students with different ways of development”. Chen Gao, an English major senior, is one of the best embodiments of the value. With a GPA of 3.96, Gao is a minor in Art History, an editor of the journal of the

Dou Wanying: Another Offer from Harvard! From WKU Computer Science to Harvard Bioinformatics, What Is Her Secret?

It was only the beginning of spring when Dou Wanying, a senior student from Wenzhou-Kean University, received olive branches holding out from five of the world’s top universities in quick succession. Born in Henan Province, Dou came to WKU

Dong Ruoxi: Being the Master of "Time", the WKU Star Student Went All the Way through Three Different Majors

If you take a look at Dong Ruoxi’s resume, a senior student of Wenzhou-Kean University, you will be amazed by her boundless “energy”. During her college years, Dong has published a number of papers, won the Zhejiang Provincial Government

Honors Graduates: Fu Qingyun: Four Years Engaged in Public Welfare Activities Make Her a Persistent and Promising Girl

Major: International Business Career development after graduation: Zhejiang Zhenjiu Network Technology Co., Ltd. President of the Young Volunteers Association of the university, Outstanding Contribution Award of the Young Volunteers Association of t

Interview with China National Scholarship Winner Wan Fangke from Wenzhou-Kean University: Strive for excellence, success will follow

Wan Fangke, a senior majoring in finance at Wenzhou-Ken University, is among the winners of the China National Scholarship for undergraduate and junior college students in the 2019-2020 academic year announced by the Ministry of Education recently.