Zhang Miao: Pursue her Architectural dream at Wenzhou-Kean University after a 3-year Research on a Village

Major: Architectural Design Graduate University: College of Architecture and Design at Wenzhou-Kean University Zhuji, Zhejiang Zhang Miao, a girl always wearing a sweet smile, has realized countless architecture goals during her four academic years

Hu Yi: Building a Bridge of Exchanges Between China and the West

Major: English (International Application) Graduate School: University College London With an average GPA of 3.95, a total score of 8 for IELTS, and a title of the Chairperson of Chinese Students and Scholars Association at Kean University during th

Sun Zihan: From an Educatee to an "Educator", Studying Business Based on Business Thinking

Major: Accounting (International Accounting) Graduate School: Cornell University (USA) Place of Birth: Shandong For Sun Zihan from Shandong Province, her four years in university have been fulfilling and wonderful: obtaining an average GPA of 3.95,

Li Yue: From a Campus Reporter to a Member of the School of Journalism Ranked No.1 in the United States, Persistence Makes Dream Come True

Major: English (International Application) Graduate School: Journalism at Northwestern University Region: Hangzhou (Ranks No.9 in the 2021 US News , and its Medill School of Journalism ranks No.1 in the United States) Before graduation, Li Yue, a st

Lu Zhiyi: A Talented Girl from Wenzhou-Kean University Realizing Her Dream at the Royal College of Art

Major: Visual Communication Design Graduate School: Royal College of Art (RCA), London (ranked No. 1 in QS Art and Design category) In December 2020, Lu Zhiyi, a senior majoring in Visual Communication Design at Wenzhou-Kean University, received a l

Tao Zheng: The Journey of Mathematics Exploration from 0 to 1 for an Outstanding Student of Science and Engineering

Tao Zheng Wenzhou-Kean University Class of 2021 Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Data Analysis) Taizhou, Zhejiang   As an undergraduate, Tao Zheng published more than ten academic papers in internationally renowned conferences and academic journ

Honors Gruduates: Li Pinzhen: Pursue the Future with Confidence

You are the one who can define what’s really matter Four years ago, Li Pinzhen, a student from Taiwan, China, made up her mind to study in mainland China after a campus promotion tour. With such a firm determination, she applied for the Visual Commu

Interview with China National Scholarship Winner Yuan Zhengqing: onward dreams with firm belief

Those who become eligible for the China National Scholarship are required to win the second-prize and above scholarship in each academic year and the first prize at least once. Though it is demanding, two WKU senior students, Yuan Zhengqing and Wan

Wang Yangcan: Mori girl with super power

GPA 3.98, Champion of the English Debate Competition, This comely girl has received offers with scholarships from University of Pennsylvania, University College London, Duke University… A smiling girl, Wang Yangcan, favors varying Japanese TV serie

Hu Haonan: Head towards dreams

With a total score of 626 in the National College Entrance Examination and 138 in English, Hu Haonan, who scored 7 in IELTS in high school, chose to study at Wenzhou-Kean University. Looking back at Hu’s college life: GPA3.79, the first prize of the