Wang Yangcan: Mori girl with super power

GPA 3.98, Champion of the English Debate Competition, This comely girl has received offers with scholarships from University of Pennsylvania, University College London, Duke University… A smiling girl, Wang Yangcan, favors varying Japanese TV serie

Hu Haonan: Head towards dreams

With a total score of 626 in the National College Entrance Examination and 138 in English, Hu Haonan, who scored 7 in IELTS in high school, chose to study at Wenzhou-Kean University. Looking back at Hu’s college life: GPA3.79, the first prize of the

Xie Hang: The Road from "0" to "1"

Xie hang described his April as “A lottery ticket finally was scratched off”. This senior student majoring in Computer Science and Technology in WKU finally received four offers from three famous American universities, including Carnegie

Never go with the wind when you should fly against it

Youth Representative of G20 SMART Innovation Forum Co-founder of Low Carbon Workshop C-Future Member of the Chinese Delegation of the World Youth Forum National Outstanding Award of Voice of the Future, APEC Excellent Student of the Year of WKU ……

Deng Yaqi: How to get an offer from the top accounting firm?

Deng Yaqi, College of Business and Public ManagementAccounting WKU – the opportunity to explore the world Deng Yaqi with her students in a Voluntary Teaching Program in Sri Lanka For you, what is the best gift left by WKU? Yaqi believes that

Offers from Five World-Renowned Universities, this WKUer believes Passion is Power

So far, WKUer Ji Yu has already received offers from five first-class universities: University College London (UCL), Univers

How to get offers from 7 famous universities including Columbia University? This senior WKUer gives a solution…

Currently, it is the busy season for job-seeking, and senior student Zhang Jiarong in Finance major has won the recognition of Columbia University, Boston University, Johns Hopkins University, Brandeis University, New York University, the Universi

Li Yunyun: Because of trust, so persistent

Ten men banded together in love can do what ten thousand separately would fail in—— Thomas Carlyle Li Yunyun has done such a thing. She initiated the “WKU Warm Heart Volunteer Team”, which has traveled all over Wenzhou and brought children fu

Liu Huaigu, the Dream Catcher

On January 16th, the documentary “The Firsts in Life” jointly produced by CCTV Network Video Center and Shanghai Media Group Documentary Center was broadcast simultaneously on CCTV Network, Dragon TV and other platforms. In the list of cast members

Grasp the “Uncertainty” of life and Realize “Inevitability” from “Accidents”

She has many titles: Student Ambassador, Student Board Member, Outstanding Student Leader…… She organized or participated in many activities: the 24th United Nations Climate Change Conference, Dinner with the Chancellor, Color Run, reading sharing s