Chen Lvming: Opening the Door to the Largest Design School in America

Undergraduate Major: Graphic Design    Future University: Parsons School of Design (The US) Parsons School of Design is the largest art and design school across America, and it is among the top four schools of design in the world, together with Ital


Undergraduate Major: Finance Future University: Australian National University Chen Fengjiao, a girl of indomitable spirit, is always willing to make contributions and try new things. Before she came to WKU, Chen, who was born and brought up in Hube

With offers from 6 prestigious universities and 2 ivy league universities, another excellent Wenzhou-Kean University student graduates.

Undergraduate Major: English Future University: University of Pennsylvania Chen Bodong, who is twenty-two years’ old, is a graduating senior student of the Wenzhou-Kean University English department; he recently received graduate school offers from

Love, help and sharing

Class of 2018, honored guests, dignitaries, professors, parents, friends, and relatives-it’s my honor to speak to all of you today on behalf of my fellow graduates and share the joy of this unique event. Today, we look back on our experience at WKU,

Qi Lizhe: Be Brave Be Loud

Qi Lizhe Admitted by the University of Pennsylvania(UPenn) This summer, Qi Lizhe will continue her study in education at the University of Pennsylvania, which means she is closer to her dream of becoming an English teacher. “Now I am happy to speak o

Zhou Xinhe: Challenge yourself and move forward

Zhou Xinhe Admitted by the Teachers College of Columbia University (Ranked 7th in US News for Graduate Education) “The starting point is not very important, the most important is to seize every opportunity and become a person striving to move forward

Li Jing: There is not just A in life

Li Jing Admitted by Chinese University of Hong Kong Same as many of her classmates, Li Jing in her freshman year also faced the first and maybe the biggest difficulty in Wenzhou-Kean University – English. “At the beginning of the freshman year, I cou

Wang Qiyao: From being nobody to being myself

Wang Qiyao Admitted by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Studying in Wenzhou-Kean University is the first step of “adventure” in Wang Qiyao’s life. Before entering university, she was very introverted and quite astonished to believe s

Yan Jiangyue: From an “otaku” to a “computer geek”

Yan Jiangyue Admitted by the University of Edinburgh From the four offers sent by the University of Edinburgh, University of New South Wales, University of Melbourne and University of Manchester, Yan Jiangyue finally chose the high performance comput

Li Yue: My “Gold Rush” journey in Wenzhou-Kean University

Li Yue Admitted by Southern Methodist University(SMU) For Li Yue, the college life is a “gold rush” journey. “I have learnt how to ‘wash gold’ and identify ‘gold sand’, and my value doubled due to the ‘gold’ I’ve got during this period.” This i