Epidemic Prevention

Unveil a new prologue: Nearly 800 freshmen arrive on WKU campus for Fall 2021!

On August 14, 2021, WKU ushered in nearly 800 new WKUers. Today the freshmen will officially register as members of the WKU community. University leaders welcomed the new cohort of students and sent their best wishes for their upcoming university lif

“We are confident of the Chinese vaccine! About 100 faculty members and their families vaccinated!

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, build the immune barrier of human population and erect a Great Wall of disease control. Yesterday, WKU provides vaccination services for teachers and students again. Distinguished from last time, this time it witnes

“3 in 1” Comprehensive Test Meets Covid-19 --WKU Conducts “3 in 1” Comprehensive Test

On April 18, the 2021 “3 in 1” Comprehensive Test of Wenzhou-Kean University kicked off. Nearly 600 candidates from all over the province gathered to attend this test.     It was the 8th year for WKU to conduct the 3 in 1” Comprehensive Te