College of Liberal Arts

What is "PIEP"?

Near the end of the summer, Wenzhou-Kean University welcomed nearly 800 new students from the Class of 2025. The new students have stepped into their new campus, familiarized themselves with the unfamiliar environment, and are about to start a thrill

Multilateral cooperation to promote Liberal Arts

Academic exchange, mutual benefit – college cooperation On June 22nd, Yuan Sheng, Director of the School of Media and Art Design, Bai Linmiao, Director of the Department of New Online Media, Professor Ren Jinghua, and Professor Yan Huan fro

CLA Core Course Series | EMSE3420/3421 Elementary, Middle and Secondary Education

Elementary, Middle and Secondary Education (EMSE) course is one of the elective courses for English major students at WKU, consisting of a lower level EMSE3420 and a higher level EMSE3421 course. This course is intended to provide students with an op

CLA Core Course Series I PSY4230 Experimental Psychology

Experimental Psychology is one of the core courses in psychology. In experimental psychology, students integrate psychological theory and practice to examine the principles of psychological experimentation in advancing psychology in the areas of hu

CLA Core Course Series | COMM 2403 Video Production

Video production course is one of the highlights of the communication major which provides students with high-quality equipment and rich practical activities to cultivate more outstanding communication talents and promote the rapid development of th

WKU establishes a strategic collaboration center for talent cultivation with Wenzhou Judicial Bureau

On the afternoon of May 24th, 2021, a delegation of Wenzhou Judicial Bureau, led by their Director Lu Bin, visited Wenzhou-Kean University. Both parties reached a strategic collaboration agreement on talent cultivation and foreign-related public lega

WKU delegation visited Wenzhou Media Group

On May 20, twenty Communication students and two professors from the College of Liberal Arts of Wenzhou-Kean University visited Wenzhou Media Group to exchange views on teaching and practice, media integration, and trends in the communication indus


1   ABSTRACT   On May 15, the third issue of ECHO-ENG, the periodical of the English Department,  was launched as scheduled on the GEH B2 balcony. Professors and students from the College of Liberal Arts  shared the joy on this summer aft

Prince of Luxembourg joined CLA talent show online

On the evening of May 14, 2021, the charity gala for dyslexia was held at the auditorium of Wenzhou Kean University. The ta

The value of games in college classrooms

On May 11, Dr. Dan Childers, who currently teaches at Pearl River Community College in Mississippi, gave a fascinating talk to WKU students, sharing the benefits of gamification in class. WKU professor Dr. Jennifer Marquardt hosted the talk. Dr. Chi