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"We feel at ease here": 17 new professors join the WKU family in the new semester

Dr. Denise M. Horn is the new dean of the College of Liberal Arts who has just arrived at WKU last week after seven months of online work and 28 days of quarantine. In addition to Dr. Horn, CLA also greeted many other new professors this spring. Mr.

Trends in 21st Century Young Adult Literature

On March 22, Professor Roberta Seelinger Trites, Distinguished Professor of English at Illinois State University, gave a fascinating lecture on young adult literature to WKU students. The unique topic of the lecture titled “Trends in Twenty-First-Cen

"Alternate Universe"

THE WKU 2022 SF Short Story  WRITING COMPETITION Submission Guidelines “Alternate Universe” This competition is jointly organized by the Department of English and the Department of Biology. We welcome submissions from anyone who is studyi

The First Meeting With The English Department Executive Director

In the afternoon of November 4, the English Department of the College of Liberal Arts had its first Executive Director Meeting. The meeting was hosted by the new executive director, Dr. David Hogsette. More than 20 English professors and over 150 Eng

Psychosis in comic panels: exploring psychographics

“Silence and shame do not promote health, and people who are diagnosed with schizophrenia and their families need and deserve the support of their communities.” -Dr. Elizabenth J. Donaldson On November 1, the Department of English, CLA, invited Dr.

Still Working as a Spectator? Let’s Look at the World through “Forensic Psychology”!

On October 26, Lin Sike, Master of Civil and Commercial Law from East China University of Political Science and Law, Secretary-General of Wenzhou Arbitration Commission (China), President of Wenzhou Arbitration Court (China), was invited by the Colle

Multilateral cooperation to promote Liberal Arts

Academic exchange, mutual benefit – college cooperation On June 22nd, Yuan Sheng, Director of the School of Media and Art Design, Bai Linmiao, Director of the Department of New Online Media, Professor Ren Jinghua, and Professor Yan Huan fro

CLA Core Course Series | EMSE3420/3421 Elementary, Middle and Secondary Education

Elementary, Middle and Secondary Education (EMSE) course is one of the elective courses for English major students at WKU, consisting of a lower level EMSE3420 and a higher level EMSE3421 course. This course is intended to provide students with an op

CLA Core Course Series I PSY4230 Experimental Psychology

Experimental Psychology is one of the core courses in psychology. In experimental psychology, students integrate psychological theory and practice to examine the principles of psychological experimentation in advancing psychology in the areas of hu

CLA Core Course Series | COMM 2403 Video Production

Video production course is one of the highlights of the communication major which provides students with high-quality equipment and rich practical activities to cultivate more outstanding communication talents and promote the rapid development of th