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Our teachers: Foreign Professor Opper of Wenzhou-Kean University loves Chinese dialects and wants to ‘challenge’ Wenzhounese

It is well known that Wenzhounese can be considered the most difficult language in the world and it is even called “a demon language” in some foreign films. In China, Wenzhounese is also famous for its abstruseness, and even the majority

Alumni "Meeting" | The only male student in the English Department, at the moment of graduation, he made the only choice of that class ......

Notes of Editor The direction of Wenzhou-Kean University is to “find different directions for different students.” Since the opening of the Alumni section, we have introduced the researcher who successfully applied for a degree in the U.S

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We Open Minds “Liberal arts” is the term used most often to describe the dominant approach to higher education in America wherein the aim is to educate the “whole person” and students are expected to gain a deep understanding of a variety of discipli