Liu Xiangyi: Great Efforts and Passion for Academic Research

Liu Xiangyi has received offers from prestigious universities including Columbia University, New York University, and Johns Hopkins University. She is also the recipient of Zhejiang Government Scholarship, Research Scholarship, and Dean’s First-C

Lu Changjie: A Dream Chaser Who Gets Two Offers Going from a Bachelor’s to a Ph.D. Program with Full Scholarship

Lu Changjie, a senior student from the College of Science, Mathematics and Technology of WKU, is the first Mathematics student to get offers that allow him to pursue a Ph.D. with full scholarship with only a bachelor’s degree. He has the opportun

College of Science and Technology of Wenzhou-Kean University Holds the WKU 1st CS Technical Research Symposium

On September 10th, the Computer Department of the College of Science and Technology of Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) held the WKU 1st CS Technical Research Symposium. The Symposium not only showed the current scientific research achievements and new

Professor of Science and Technology identified key protein in plant reproduction

Recently, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs of WKU issued the University’s Scientific Research and Achievements in 2020. Prof. Aloysius Wong of Science and Technology College has four research outcomes that were honored. Among wh

UCAS Wenzhou Research Institute: Deepen Cooperation with WKU on graduate cultivation

Recently, Vice chancellor of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) and dean of UCAS Wenzhou Research Institute Mr. Yang Guoqiang and his delegation visited Wenzhou-Kean University, exchanged views on scientific research agreements, gradua

Architecture, Culture and Agriculture:The Challenges of Urbanization Design Contest Held in WKU

Architecture, Culture and Agriculture:The Challenges of Urbanization Design Contest was held at Wenzhou Kean University. A total of 10 teams from Wenzhou-Kean University, Xi-AN’ JIAOTONG Liverpool University and Wenzhou University presented their des

A place where your heart’s desire become reality

In the summer of 2016, Professor Brown, together with about 20 university professors from the Unites States visited about 15 universities in Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an discussing education issues with administrators, faculty and students. Th

Thinking about the significance of Bioscience in the post pandemic Era

In the post pandemic era, people will become more aware of how science and technology serve as lethal weapons to combat human diseases. Students become more concerned about the development of the biological sciences and are interested to choose biolo

University-Enterprise Cooperation | Wenzhou-Kean University Cooperating with Two Technology Enterprises, Sharing WKU wisdom

Promoting School-Enterprise cooperation, Wenzhou-Kean University provides wisdom and solutions at the crucial stage of Wenzhou’s economic transformation. Recently, Dr. Yang Eric, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of Wenzhou-Kean University, to

Can plants be tailored? WKU Research Project Receive NSFC Funding Again

Plowing a field in spring, hoeing and weeding in summer, harvesting in autumn and storing up in winter—this is a typical farming year for all farmers. mo Thanks to the dern science and technology, this rotation could be reversed. In fact, the world n