ELC News

Winner of the 2020 NECCS

The provincial tournament of 2020 National English Competition for College Students (NECCS) was launched recently in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. Finance-majored student Wan Fangke was selected as the representative to attend the 2020 Zhejiang Provincial Tour

British and American Culture Competition Winner Announcement

2020 “WKU Cup” British and American Culture Competition, organized by the English Language Center, Wenzhou-Kean University was held at the Semir Hall CBPM on November 15th, 2020. After the impressive and intense online preliminary and semi-final, 35

Your English could be better

New WKUers,since you have been to the campus for almost a month. Have you well adapted to the all-English teaching environment? Frustrated by the speedy speakers and unrecognizable tones? Too timid to speak out in public? … Don’t worry, here we

Wenzhou-Kean University Holds Staff English Vocabulary Games

On August 5th, Staff English Vocabulary Games was held on Wenzhou-Kean University campus. With the aim of enriching the life of the staff, enhancing the team cohesion, and motivating staff on English learning, the event gained in popularity since it

The 23rd “FLTRP Cup” National English Debating Competition — Wenzhou-Kean University Campus Selection

WKU campus selection for the 23rd “FLTRP Cup” National English Debating Competition, organized by the English Language Center

Students Won Third Prizes of the National English Debating Competition & National Interpreting Contest

WKU debaters WANG Yangcan and DAI Yuecong won the Third Prize in the 22nd “FLTRP CUP” National English Debating Competition, the largest and highest-level English contest in China. The Competition was held at Beijing University of Aeronau

The 22nd FLTRP Cup National English Debating Competition – WKU Campus Selection

The campus selection for the 22nd FLTRP Cup National English Debating Competition, co-sponsored by the English Language Cente

2018 English Debating Training Program Accomplished

为提高温肯学子辩论、演讲、写作及思维技巧,温州肯恩大学英语语言中心于2018年11月17-18日顺利举办了为期两天一晚的英语辩论培训。来自外研社的两位优秀培训老师为学生们进行了系统的英语辩论培训。 Aiming to train students’

English Debating Training Program

Aiming to improve students’ logic building, critical thinking skills, and speech abilities, English Language Center (ELC) organized the English Debating Training Program inviting Xiaowei Hao and Ge Zhang, excellent debaters and experienced trainers,


Since March 7th, “WORD WAR II”, the second WORD competition in Wenzhou Kean University started. The competition expands range to the whole “University City”, attracted students in Wenzhou University and Wenzhou medical University to come