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【China Science Daily】Zoom in on Sino-Foreign cooperative education mode: Interview with WKU’s Chancellor Dr. WANG Li

Recently, Chancellor Dr. WANG Li was interviewed by China Science Daily, expressing his views on the Sino-foreign cooperative education mode. Dr. WANG Li has served as the Chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) since 2019. WKU is a Chinese-Amer

Not a straight-A student but got a Harvard offer, how did this WKU girl make it?

Recently, Zha Yiwen, a senior student from the Department of English at Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU), received an admission letter from Harvard Graduate School of Education. In the US news education rankings, Harvard Graduate School of Education ha

【The higher education review】Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU): Committed to Creating High Performing, Entrepreneurial Leaders in a Knowledge-based Economy

With the rapid development of world economic integration, joint-venture international education has deepened the level of internationalization of higher education in China. The Ministry of Education regards the establishment of a university as one o

Our teachers: Foreign Professor Opper of Wenzhou-Kean University loves Chinese dialects and wants to ‘challenge’ Wenzhounese

It is well known that Wenzhounese can be considered the most difficult language in the world and it is even called “a demon language” in some foreign films. In China, Wenzhounese is also famous for its abstruseness, and even the majority

Wenzhou TV Spotlight: Wenzhou-Kean University | To Build a Model for a Chinese-Foreign Cooperative University

In July 2018, “Supporting Wenzhou Kean University to build an internationalized, high-level university!” was included in the 10 key tasks co-promoted by China’s Ministry of Education and People’s Government of Zhejiang Province – a new st

【My Central Jersey】Kean University exhibit celebrates Chinese culture

Kean University celebrates Chinese culture with the exhibit “Vibrant Bounty: Chinese Folk Art of the Shaanxi Region” at its Karl and Helen Burger Gallery. The show coincides with the lunar Chinese New Year, marking the arrival of the Year

Become a student of the world-famous university at home! Is it worthwhile to be an “international student at home”?

For Chinese students, in addition to Gaokao (College Entrance Examination in China) and studying abroad, now there is a third option, namely “becoming an international student at home”. The latest data from Ministry of Education show that as of Janua

【Wenzhou Metropolis News】 Zhejiang Yiming Food Co., Ltd. holds its 25th anniversary celebration and establishes Yiming Charitable Foundation

Wenzhou Metropolis News Yiming had its 25th birthday. In the celebration of Zhejiang Yiming Food Co., Ltd. yesterday, Yiming Charity Foundation was proclaimed to be founded, and at the same time, Wenzhou New Agricultural Integration Development Resea

【China Daily】Reports about WKU

Graduate: Studies ‘most fulfilling I ever had’ By ZHAO XINYING (CHINA DAILY) I always dreamed of studying in the US, but my family was unable to support my four-year undergraduate studies there. So I compromised by attending this cooperat

【Wendu News】WKU's Historic Inaugural Commencement. The first American commencement held in China

  The University flag, followed by the mace.  Then the Chairman of the Board, Chancellor, and platform guests, accompanied by music.  Amid the applause came the 187 Wenzhou-Kean University’s first class of graduating students who are the protag