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The 9th Cross-Strait Interpreting Contest (East China Regional Tournament) | Results Announced

The 9th Cross-Strait Interpreting Contest (East China Regional Tournament) was successfully held online at Ningbo University. FU Make (Economics major) won the third prize. This regional tournament is comprised of two parts: gist interpreting and con

11th All China Interpreting Contest East China Regional Tournament | Results Announced

The results of the 11th All China Interpreting Contest (East China Regional Tournament) were released. Four WKU students win the third prize, and they are GU Jiaxuan (English major), FANG Mingyuan (English major), HE Haoming (Architecture major), and

Across thousands of miles, the model of the Taishun covered bridge finally arrived at KUSA with this WKU student

Union, New Jersey: Kean University in New Jersey hosted a special Mid-Autumn Festival Ceremony for all exchange students from China on Monday, September 12. Li Xuan, a student from Wenzhou-Kean University, was one of the exchange students who went to

WKUers Won Prizes | 2022 Wenzhou Youth English Speaking Contest

WKU students won prizes in the 2022 Wenzhou Youth English Speaking Contest, and they are GAO Yuchen (runner-up), SUN Yuling (second runner-up), LIU Yanxi (the winning prize), and CHEN Jingjing (the network popularity prize). The English Language Cent

WKU Campus Selection| 2022 “FLTRP-ETIC Cup” English Public Speaking Contest

WKU Campus Selection for 2022 “FLTRP-ETIC Cup” English Public Speaking Contest, organized by the English Language Center and TMSC, was held at the Semir Hall, CBPM on September 25th. Thirty-three contestants participated in the campus selection. Here

WKU Celebrated 2022 Convocation Ceremony

September 28: Wenzhou-Kean University officially greeted nearly 1,300 freshmen at a joyous Convocation Ceremony held on Wednesday night at the Stadium of the University. The school leaders, faculty, and staff members gathered together to celebrate th

【China Education Daily】 Creating a future-oriented university that embraces the world - Interview with Wang Li, Chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean University

Wenzhou is the “origin” and “test field” of China’s reform and opening-up. In 2006, while working in Zhejiang Province, Xi Jinping attended the signing ceremony of the cooperation between Wenzhou University and Kean Univ

Ge Hekai Hall at Wenzhou-Kean University | Shanghai, China | 2021

The following article is originally published by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design: Ge Hekai Hall at Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) is an exemplar of architecture for higher education in the 21st-century, an emerging building typ

WKU welcomed over 1000 freshmen in Fall 2022

13 August: The Class of 2026, which includes more than 1000 freshmen in total, arrived on the WKU campus. Those students will become members of the big WKU community after the official registration. University leaders welcomed the new cohort of fresh

Wang Li, Chancellor of WKU: Only with Beliefs Can One Go Far

Dear student, By the time you receive the offer of admission, you are already a student at Wenzhou-Kean University. This is something worthy of congratulations and remembrance in life. Since then, you have entered the sacred hall of knowledge of W