University News

Serial Talk on Banking

——How to Deal with Sino-US Relations:The Characteristics of Banking On April 8th, we were very glad to have Mr. HUANG Jiannan, the Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Bill Clinton’s Commerce Department, to give us a lecture. The topic of this lectur

Finance Club Lecture Series

The second lecture about how to choose the fund was launched in Wenzhou Kean University by Finance club on Jan.12th. Hance Dong, private banking manager in Bank of Wenzhou, delivered a speech on how to invest in the fund market. Mr. Dong is a Certifi

Getting to “ZERO”- The 28th world AIDS day

To promote how to prevent AIDS, WKU Health Service Center and Health Service Center of Li’ao Community held an AIDS prevention activity. We invited doctors from Health Service Center of Li’ao Community to teach Keaners how to prevent AIDS. On 30th No

The Team of Page, New Winner of Shark Tank

Who will win the opportunity to join the team of WKU Bookstore? On 21st Nov, 2015, the team of Page stood out in the Shark Tank competition and won the award of 3,500 RMB and the opportunity of joining the team of WKU Bookstore. The WKU Shark Tank wa

Wenzhou-Kean University Graphic Design stage exhibition works

Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) is holding an exhibition with many remarkable works on the 1st floor of C wing of the General education hall. During the summer semester of 2015, we invited Professor LIU Jun from Wenzhou University School of Design to p

WKU Graffiti Competition Uncovered

A whale almost breaks in through the wall with huge waves. The classic Super Mario arouses nostalgia; the campus enclosing wall has become a free drawing board for WKU students. The two-month WKU Graffiti Competition made this possible. The WKU Camp

First Aid Training in WKU

After careful preparation, organized by Wenzhou Medical University and co-organized by Wenzhou Kean University Health Center, the second “First aid into Campus” was held on November 14, 2015 (Saturday). This event invited professional tra

Charles Brings a Jazz Lecture to Middle School Students

On October 28th, Mr. Charles J. Greenberg, Director of the Library at Wenzhou-Kean University held a lecture The History of American Jazz at Wenzhou No.17 Middle School. Charles introduced the history of jazz, which originated in the late 19th and e

Visit by Ms. Maxine Griffith (Executive Vice President of Columbia University) to WKU

On March 20th, the Executive Vice President of Columbia University, Maxine Griffith visited our university. In the morning, Ms. Griffith had a tour around the campus and was briefly introduced to the construction and development of the University. Sh