Wenzhou-Kean University Psychology Club was set up in 2012 and it is a school club that completely managed by students. Knowing ourselves better, challenging ourselves and realizing our own value is the core idea of Psychology Club. It aims to make several of psychological knowledge enthusiasts together to learn more about psychology in practice and communication. Besides, it will publicize and popularize psychological knowledge to provide positive energy for others.

In order to have club members to understand psychological knowledge adequately, the club develops different kinds of activities that related to psychology, such as the sharing session. This activity faces to the whole university. Members of PSY club research and share knowledge of psychology that they interested. Before the meeting, psychological teachers will give tutorials. What’ more, for the sake of making the meeting more abundant and interesting, we invite professors and play some psychological sitcoms. Furthermore, club members organize and carry out relevant activities automatically, such as psychological experiments, etiquette training and help with holding a lecture or gega-events about psychology. By this way, we can certainly improve our executing, planning and organization abilities.

We will continue to improve ourselves in the process of communication and performance of activities. We firmly believe that whenever it is, psychology club is always a big family that our members can rely on and a group that can help us and others obtain happiness.