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Are you troubled by IELTS academic reading? Do you find decoding complex sentences difficult? The ELC and the New Oriental co-organized the Sentence Breakdown Activity to help boost reading comprehension. Details are as follows.  


Oct.10 – Oct.29 

(Please keep an eye out for the posters around the campus. We’ll renew the code on the posters every week.)


Each day, a task will be released via the Wechat group, so as the keys and analysis.  

Participants are to finish the daily task through the WeChat mini-program.   

After 20-day complex sentence learning, participants will take an online test.   

The anticipated date for the test: Oct. 30  

Details will be announced via the WeChat group.   


Points will be awarded for the number of learning days and the test scores. (one day of learning = 5 points, test score = 100 points)   

The final score was calculated as follows: final score = attendance score* 60% + test score*40% .

*Participants gaining the same points will be ranked according to the test score.  

If you have any inquiries, please reply to this email, or call us at 0577-55870078.   

Event Details

Date: 10th October 2022 - 29th October 2022
Time: -
Venue 线上测试
Organizer Name: 英语语言中心