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Hi everyone,

The Wenzhou Association of International Studies (WAIS) and the English Language Center (ELC; hereinafter the “organizer”) of the Wenzhou-Kean University are pleased to invite all undergraduates and postgraduates at the universities within Wenzhou City to participate in the “2023 WKU Cup” Flash Fiction Competition.

Organized in close collaboration with the WAIS, this competition will allow all participating writers to present their meaningful insights and vivid imagination in a short story format.

Key Dates:

March 1: Competition Opens
March 31: Submissions Due
April 3 – April 21: Evaluating and Grading
April 15 – April 20: Online Polls
April 24: Winners Announced

Submission Rules:

To confirm participation, all writers must follow the instruction outlined below:
E-mail works as a PDF document to ELC@wku.edu.cn;
In the Subject of the e-mail, write: “WKU Cup Flash Fiction Competition”;
In the body of the e-mail, write:
the title of the flash fiction;
the word count;
the name and contact information of the writer;
The name of the University the writer is attending.

*no limits on the number of entries.

Validity of Flash Fictions:

Entries must be short stories of 600 words (maximum);
Entries must be works of fiction;
Entries must be typed in English, using Times New Roma 12 font.
Entries must be original unpublished work.
Entries must be AI-themed.

*The organizer reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not meet the above criteria.


Entries will be judged primarily for their creativity, originality, storyline, readability and language. After deliberating with the jury, the competition will reward 12 laureates.


Best Entry: Xiaomi Pad
1st Runner up: Sennheiser Bluetooth Headphones
2nd Runner up: FUJIFILM Instax
Excellence Award: Shanbay Premium
Popular Award: SAST Home Theater Projector

The organizer holds the right to exchange the Awards for a similar Award of the same value.
The organizer reserves the right to modify, extend, shorten, suspend or cancel the competition without liability incurred thereby.If you have any questions, contact Ms He at hexiaolu@wku.edu.cn, call 0577-55870065, or drop by our office at GEH B301.


English Language Center
Wenzhou-Kean University

Event Details

Date: March 1 - March 31
Time: -
Venue 线上报名
Organizer Name: 英语语言中心